when does primus £6.99 end

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I am with plusnet home phone and thinking off moving over to primus £6.99 home phone offer but can someone tell me when this offer ends as I cant see any info about a closing date?




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    Be careful - I signed up for this 6.99 deal through MSEs partner HomePhoneChoice and got their confirmation email stating this. However, the confirmation email from Primus says 7.99! Took it up with their CS, after a wait on hold of 37 minutes (!) I got told that the "transfer team had not yet received my order but would correct it when they did...". I fear this relationship will continue as badly as it has started....
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    Ends 31/1/2013 see here


    But according to a number of posts people who moved regretted it due to customer service problems etc.
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    I signed up at £6.28 last June, I had to email a couple of times (e.g. to get caller display removed) but apart from that it has been OK and now they have added a spreadsheet to the account that reflects current calls. It is saving me quite a bit compared to BT where I moved from.
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