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Cost of moving a static caravan.

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andreweastellandreweastell Forumite
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edited 11 December 2012 at 10:06AM in House Buying, Renting & Selling
We bought a static caravan 2 months ago. Due to the pitch flooding we asked the owners to move us to another pitch. He has charged us £1,000, does this sound a bit excessive?
Thanks for any advice.


  • Waterlily24Waterlily24 Forumite
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    I can't remember how much it cost to move the one we had, but I do know it costs a lot more for a 12ft wide one. I'll find out if hubby can remember how mich it cost.
  • paddyrgpaddyrg Forumite
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    Sounds outrageous at first, but he has you over a barrel. If it includes plumbing, electrical hookups, levelling etc it is somewhat less outrageous, and perhaps there is a component for a more valuable pitch?

    One thing to note, whilst vans are supposedly mobile, they are in the loosest sense - once one has been sat a while it can be a tough job to move it without damage, so give it a good check when you see it next.
  • As paddyrg says, they have you over a barrel, but...

    Moving a static isn't the easiest thing. Depending where it is on the park, where it's going and what's on the other pitch it can take 4-6 men a good few hours, then they will need to get it levelled, connected and safety tested etc

    The company I used to work for wouldn't let you move pitch, but when we did initially sell a caravan we did have to allocate £1k for siting of the caravan from the sale price so does sound in the right kind of range.
  • Thanks for your replies.
    Yes, it does include "plumbing, electrical hookups, levelling etc".
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