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2013 mfw

edited 14 December 2013 at 8:11AM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe
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  • I'm in again please. I'll take any number. I'll aim for £4000 next year.

    Thanks for doing this guys!
    2014 MFW 99 - Overpayment Target £4000/£4000
    2013 MFW 15 - Overpayment Target £6000/£4000
    2012 MFW 141 - Overpayment Target £8500/£6300

    "Little by little, one travels far" - J R R Tolkien
  • saver03saver03 Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Thanks to VoucherMan for setting up this new thread and thanks to Spiggle for seeing us through this year :T

    Can I please join again and I am not too fussed about my number as I can never remember it and have to check my signature before I comment my OP :o

    My OP target for 2013 is a modest £1800 as I owe my mum money and wish to pay that back first before I really go to town on my OPs!
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    icklehelenicklehelen Forumite
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    edited 4 December 2012 at 5:37PM
    As 6 has now been taken :( any chance I can have number 16?

    I'll be back to set my target later once I've played around with the spreadsheets!


    Total OPs 2012 - 2019 £39744.75
    Target 2020 £18500/£18500
    01/05/2020 MORTGAGE FREE
    MFiT-T4 #03 MFW2019 #3
  • ecoelleecoelle Forumite
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    Hiya, i'm not worried about keeping my number so any number is fine with me, my 2013 target is £1620 or £135 per month:)

    Thanks Voucherman

    Oooh, this is the link to my diary in case anyone wants a laugh:)
    :j:j:j:j:j:j:j:j:j:j:j:j:j:j 14 years to go on the mortgage
  • I'm in again. £1500 overpayment for 2013 please. Oh and No. 64 again if possible.

    Thank you.
    As my Mum always said "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves"
  • icklehelenicklehelen Forumite
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    Eighth Anniversary 100 Posts PPI Party Pooper
    Target of £5250 again for 2013 for me please VoucherMan

    Thanks for doing this thread - it is very much appreciated! :T

    Total OPs 2012 - 2019 £39744.75
    Target 2020 £18500/£18500
    01/05/2020 MORTGAGE FREE
    MFiT-T4 #03 MFW2019 #3
  • HI

    The York Brood ... can we be put down for £2500 for next year ... we were no 140 but happy to go higher this time :)

    Dec 2011 £101,000 :(
    March 2013 - £90,000 (ish) April 2013 - in the 80's
    June 2014 - in the 70's :j
    July 2015 - will be in the 60's :T
    Original end date - December 2026 We're getting there
    Hoping for - asap :rotfl:
  • ajmoneyajmoney Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Can you put me down for £3000 please? I am aiming for higher but am going to give myself a realistic first target. Can I have 70 please so it matches my MFiT number but if not then I will go with anything, thanks.

    Here is a link to my page
    2020 MFW No. 70 £8467.62/£10000
    MFiT-T5 No. 70 £12881.33/£27506.08
  • Hi Voucherman, can I have a number for MFW2013, please. Last year completed at £6K, would like to try for £13K in 2013. Don't mind a new number, last year was #17.

    Thanks, voucherman for starting up a new challenge and a big thank you to spiggle too for last year and continuing support for everyone.
    Mortgage: Aug 12 £114,984.74 - Jun 14 £94000.00 = Total Payments £20984.74

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  • I'd like to join again please, I'm going for £9700 as its our 10% overpayment allowance.

    Very very optimistic but reach for the stars and all that
    OPs so far £42,139
    Original end date Nov 2037 (53) Current end date June 2024 (40) Aiming for 5 years to be Mf
    DD1 Oct 2008:), DD2 Jul 2010:), DD3 Aug 2013:)
    When life is getting me down I try to remember to thank God for the blessings
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