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Mysterious letter from Mackenzie Hall - advice please?


My partner received a letter from Mackenzie Hall today saying that he owed their client £4335.69:eek:. The "pursuers" are Arrow Global Ltd and the original creditor is Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP. We don't know who the hell Fairmile are and can't find out anything about them. Anyway they said that " client would prefer an amicable resolution but they will not hesitate to take such action as may be appropriate. I consider that to be a threat to make him cough up.
They want payment by noon 4/12/12 - well, they can whistle! OH says he's never taken out any loans and any debts he has he's paying off so he doesn't understand why he got this letter. He wanted to ring them but I said not to but what's the best thing to do here? Should he ignore it or ask them to prove the debt?

Many thanks in advance,



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