Real-life MMD: Should I share utility switching cashback?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I share utility switching cashback?

I share a house. While we split the bills equally, the gas and electricity bill is in my name. When the price hikes were announced recently, I listened to the boss and switched to a fixed deal saving us £150/yr, clicking through a comparison site offering the most cashback. I've done the legwork, made the calls and sourced the deal. Now the switch is nearly complete, do I split the £30 cashback with my housemates? (I'm staying anonymous, in case they're reading...)

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  • I don't think I'd keep it, if you're sharing a house I would think that everyone mucks in with doing their bit - yours just managed to bag you a kickback. I'd be tempted to buy something with the cashback that benefits the whole household like a few £10 meal deals from M&S or a second hand wii console, something that gets you all together having a laugh. Living with others is tough enough without people thinking one of their housemates is being a little bit mean.
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    You are all already saving £150/year through your hard work - the cashback should surely be for the person who put themself out to find the deal

    I say keep it
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    I would say keep it. It's only £30 at the end of the day. You took initiative to bother doing the legwork - think of it as a little reward to yourself. And your housemates are better off anyway. Also the cash back may take months to come through.
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    I wouldn't share it - you did the hard work of finding them a good deal, so they've all benefitted from that. The cashback is your wages for doing the work!
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  • Id keep it as your reward for finding the deal! :)
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  • Look at it this way - another housemate goes off to Mr T to buy house share items, eg Instant Coffee - large jar. He finds it is on BOGOF so brings back two jars - He puts one jar in the cupboard for communal use and keeps the second one to take into work to use for his coffee breaks? Does that sound fair to you? If it does then by all means keep the £30 - if it doesn't then I would hope the £30 goes into the communal pot of cash to pay the utility bills,
  • Keep it!

    You earned it!
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    Keep it. You did all the leg work to save the house £150 , count it as a service fee. If you felt like it you could shout the house a takeaway perhaps.
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  • KirriKirri Forumite
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    Keep it - it takes ages going through those comparison deals, most people wouldn't bother even trying and why should they share it if they've done nothing to help!
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