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    This is an old thread (from 2004) but I think there is a huge difference in the way people use their machines.
    We only use ours about once a week, whereas I know people with families who have them on every day.

    In general I go for self-insurance (for affordable things because).
    1) In general it should be cheaper because there are no admin or profit element.
    2) You don't have any claims hassle.

    But having said that it does depned on various factors, like - likelihood, potential expense, peace of mind etc.
    In this case another factor would be how much punishment your machine takes.
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    £229 for a warranty on a washing machine makes me laugh, the washing machine must only cost about £400 to replace with a new one...
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    try domestic and general we use them and never had any prob's with them.
    they have just replace our tv after it had an accident.
    Cost of tv £700,
    £180 for the cost of 5 Year policy
    Yes it seems a lot at the time but in 4 years and 11months and 27 days time and after may be several call outs the machine break's down again money well spent.
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  • 229 for cover for wasching machine sounds like joke. Buy a new one with warranty.
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    Well, it's usually cheaper to not take the manufacturer's suggested extended warranty insurance but to go direct to the same co, average saving £10 a year that way.

    I was quoted £99 for 2 years extended, same co direct £39 a year or probably less if I took 2 years.

    Obviously there comes a point when buying the breakdown insurance makes less sense than just putting the money in the bank to be used to buy a whole replacement machine if need be. After 2 or 3 years that's what I do, sometimes the machine then goes on for 5 years+ with no problems, other times it doesn't make it beyond year 3. Blocked pump, bearings gone, broken door, some last and some don't.

    FWIW best experience I had (never broke down on me) were both Bendix machines I had - 1 from 1986 (bought at Rumbelows, remember them?!) to 2005 (moved several times with it), one from 2005 (landlord bought it for me) to when I moved out this year and left it for the new occupier. My use - 2 washes a week max, never overload drum, rarely wash above 60'.
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  • I know this is an old thread but it ranks high on google for "Washing Machine Insurance", so I thought I would comment, after reading it through.

    We've just taken a 3 years extended warrenty for £80 on a £450 washing machine. This is on our new washing machine, after the old one packed in after 3 years, in that time we had 3 callouts (a couple under the original warenty), plus the final breaker which would have been around £180 to fix, outside of warrenty. Not really worth it on what was evidently not a very good machine.

    We are a family using the machine pretty much every day, so I think it's going to be worth it.

    It's also worth noting that the manufacturers normal 1yr warrenty won't cover for things like jewellery stuck in the insides (beyond the filter which you can open). Whereas the extended warrenty will cover for accidental damage.
  • At entry level you self insure and throw away when it breaks down. At higher level equipment, you buy when they have a 5 year or so warranty.

    It truly is not rocket science.
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