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'Should I buy three Magnums and throw one away?' blog discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's "Should I buy three Magnums and throw one away?" blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.



  • spookspook Forumite
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    Surely the answer would be to buy three and then give one away!
  • reehsetinreehsetin Forumite
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    spook wrote: »
    Surely the answer would be to buy three and then give one away!
    exactly whatd i'd say
    Yes Your Dukeiness :D
  • IdiophreakIdiophreak Forumite
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    yeah, me also.
    Someone will want it
    (maybe the checkout lad will be due a break) :)

    edit: or maybe you could haggle and get 20p for it :)
  • RobN_2RobN_2 Forumite
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    Eat two! :)

    I dunno - you TV types ... too worried about your figure? ;)

    Or as previously suggested, give one away - I'm sure you'd find plenty of willing recipients in Oxford.

    If you were being really tight you could auction it.
  • minimini Forumite
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    What did you do?
    I'd have eaten 2 no problem, let me know if you want an ice cream eater - I do it so well
  • ElainerElainer Forumite
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    Yeah give one away. Or you could try and find someone on there own that just wanted one, then you could have split the whole price three ways.
  • jpjp_2jpjp_2 Forumite
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    Option 1 - Take the third one near an ice-cream seller (to get near a potential market) and then undercut him a little. So, let's say they're 1.00 each from the seller, or 1.90 for two. Sell third one for, say, 90p thus you get two for £1.00. Winner = you, Loser = ice cream seller, for loss of profit, Evens = supermarket as they sell at their standard price anyway

    Option 2 - Buy two from the ice cream seller. Using same figures, you pay 2.00 for two. Winner = ice cream seller, who makes his profit. Lose a little = you as it cost you 2.00 instead of 1.00 from Option 1. Loser = supermarket because you bought elsewhere.

    My preference is Option 2 because I HATE supermarkets with a vengeance. I'm much happier to give the little guy my business, have my eggs and naturally-odd-shaped veg delivered to my house without it being washed in Poland first, than pour more money into the supermarket drain. Topical, as Tesco announced profits of $2.55 BILLION this morning, and one pound in every SEVEN spent on the high street is now theirs. When will people learn?
  • I would go for option 1a - supermarket and giving away the third.

    Sainsburys - I know the hate bit but if you don't buy that pack then someone else will
    Stranger - got a free lolly
    You - cheaper than vendor, nectar points, warm glow (ice lolly aside) from being generous and making someones day.

    Loser - vendor but then you haven't found him yet, he isn't standing outside sainsbury and you are plus there are plenty of other tourists for him to rip off.
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  • Fritha_2Fritha_2 Forumite
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    Or there's another option: do you really need a Magnum Martin? ;-)
    Comping, freebieing and trying to pay the mortgage off early!
  • newleafnewleaf Forumite
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    Go to Lidl next time, theirs are cheaper (and IMO nicer) than Magnums. You'd still get a box of 3 though, so I'd say either share the 'spare' or give it away. But never, never ever throw it away!
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