Harvester - 2 Takeaway Meals & Salad for £10

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Printable voucher

Your choice of ribs, chicken, burgers or combos (exceptions below)
Your choice of sauces
Your choice of baked, mashed or baby potatoes, seasoned fries or basmati rice
Freshly prepared salad

Takeaway Menu:

*Terms & conditions: Offer available all day Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th November 2012. Please bring this voucher with
you to redeem in the restaurant. Subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

This offer is valid against all Takeaway main courses, with exception of the full Rack of ribs, Triple Chicken, Harvester Combo and Signature Fish & Chips where an extra £2.50 per person is required.

One voucher will allow guests to purchase up to 6 main meals at the promotional price of £5 or £7.50 each (for trade up dishes). This is offer available against Takeaway main meals only


  • That looks like a very good deal to me. I love harvester.
  • thank you
    for sharing looking forward to it
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    You're very welcome.

    You may also be able get a free drink each if you sign up for a newsletter:

    Don't worry too much about locating the "correct" Harvester on the website, as the voucher is valid at all Harvesters.

    The voucher they email you is valid for a month.
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    We ended up having this for dinner tonight. Never been to one of these before. I was impressed - even the salad was fresh and tasty. Lovely treat as I really wasn't in a cooking frame of mind. Thanks OP.
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    This is going to be our Saturday night X-Factor fun food dinner.

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    Thank you so much - I have forwarded the link to my son at Uni, they have a harvester just around the corner from halls and thought they might like a night in on Saturday - Thank you so much
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    We had this for dinner on Sunday after a 3 hour car trip home from my brothers. It was very tasty and well packed and the salad was nice and fresh, we crammed as much as possible into the plastic tubs! The meals we had were normally £10.95 each so £10 for both was a real bargain.
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  • and there is free sundaes with each main course here http://www.harvester.co.uk/freesundaebestfacebook/
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  • Well just been to the Harvester at Salford Quays.... I ordered the rack of ribs and dd ordered the 1/2 spit roast chicken... paid and went for our salad.. 10 mins later came and told us no more spit roast chicken... so dd picks the beef rib... another 10 mins later comes back.. no beef rib..
    so tells dd she can order anything off the menu....so wat the heck.. no spit roast chicken and the whole menu was mainly that... so eventually she picked chicken breast and ribs combo...
    took ust about 50 mins in all to get our 2 takeaways!! and it was only 6.45pm...left at 7.35pm...
  • Thought Id try this so ordered 2 burgers on Sunday and arrived at the restaurant 30 mins later to allow plenty of time for the meal to be cooked - only to be told it was not. So I waited for another 20 minutes while it was cooked!.

    Not really a takeaway service that you could use quickly imo very poor considering we only ordered two burgers as well! Give them an hours notice and you should be fine! :mad:

    The whole experience just left me with the impression they were not properly setup yet to cater for a takeaway service?.

    This was my local one anyway, hope others have a better experience!
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