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Freebies board chat thread



  • sarah1972
    sarah1972 Posts: 18,960 Senior Ambassador
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    edited 4 December 2012 at 12:25PM
    Sorry, I've just had a competition with 1000 prizes moved off the freebie board and I don't know why? My understanding was that if there were 1000 prizes it was appropriate for the freebie board. Certainly I want to see anything that's got a thousand prizes because my experience is that you've got a 50% chance at least of winning one.

    Sorry -- I have just seen that the rules have changed and these loads-of-prizes comps have to go on the comps board now. What a poor decision, and what a shame that is. Never mind.

    They only go on the freebies board if there is 1000 available on a first come first served basis not for a prize draw as per the sticky on here.

    Andrea changed the rules in May to declutter the freebies board I think.

    Hope that helps

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  • [Deleted User]
    Hi there!
    I was thinking of joining this Neilsen Scanner Consumer Panel thing that I saw on a freebie website. But I then thought, should I do it and is it even worth it?

    I would just like your idea on things here! Thanks all!
  • COrd
    COrd Posts: 34 Forumite
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    In my opinion, no. It becomes tiresome scanning all your shopping and it isnt as straightforward as it promises a lot of the time. Also, you get points which you can redeem against rewards however you need a lot of points for the rewards. I did it for a month and only managed to get a free childs cinema ticket with my reward points!

    The other annoying problem with them is that if you dont scan anything for a while they pester you with phonecalls and send you postcards and letters reminding you to scan, it can get very annoying!
  • Katexx
    Katexx Posts: 189 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Are you talking about ShopAndScan? I'm a member and I think it's worth it. I just scan as I unpack and it only takes a minute or two to photograph my receipts once a week. There are extra surveys every now and then for more points, and triple points for 2 weeks at Christmas. It's an easy £1.60 a week minimum, plus through ShopAndScan I also got invites to FoodOnTheGo (£0.50+ a week for about 5 seconds of effort) and ConsumerPulse (£0.50+ a week, and additional monthly surveys). It doesn't sound like much when you add it out but it seems to add up really quickly and I feel like I'm forever getting Dorothy Perkins/Amazon/Debenhams vouchers coming through.
  • rich_shot2003
    Not sure where to put this so sorry if i have put it in the wrong place.

    I have just gone to check my points statement on my nectar account and when i click on points statement all i get is a white screen.

    i have tried it on another browser and getting the same problem so are others having the same problem as me?
  • beedeedee
    Yes, me too. Must be a website problem....I'll try again later.
  • FiftyPents
    FiftyPents Posts: 268 Forumite
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    Is it me or has the amount of food samples gone down completely? I used to come on here and you could fill in your details for free sachets, sauces, coupons for jars of stuff, lots. Maybe i'm not looking in the right places but you don't see as many these days.
  • Antispam
    Antispam Posts: 6,636 Forumite
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    No its not you its been going down hill for a while now
  • 3010
    3010 Posts: 5,420 Forumite
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    Yes, there certainly has been a decline in physical freebies.
  • FrugalFranny
    I've noticed it too :( plenty of tooth paste about though.
    ~"I don't cook so much since we moved out of reality...."~
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