Real-life MMD: Should I pay to see my girlfriend?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I pay to see my girlfriend?

My girlfriend's recently moved away to study. Though I want to see her on weekends, it's not cheap to travel. I've suggested we go halves, since I normally pay the fare to go to her, but she thinks she shouldn't contribute as I'm earning and she's not. However, I don't earn much and while I know she's worse off than me, I think it's a little unfair I should effectively pay to see her.

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  • mazz1953mazz1953 Forumite
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    Do you really need to see her every weekend? If you went once a month, then you would be able to afford it yourself.
  • DKLSDKLS Forumite
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    Man up, if you dont like paying dump her, if you do want to see her put some effort there is plenty of tips and advice on here on how to minimise travelling costs.
  • DasaDasa Forumite
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    As you're earning and she isn't it's unfair to expect her to go halves.
    Perhaps if you can't afford it don't go every weekend, go say every other weekend. She could pay for a meal for you both now and again to compensate.
  • MothballsWalletMothballsWallet Forumite
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    When my wife was still my girlfriend, we often didn't see each for a year or more - we kept in touch by letter and phone and saw each other as and when we could.
  • If it's a casual thing, dump her.

    If it's a serious relationship or got the potential to be, then talk to her about it rather than ask the internet. Good communication is vital in a good relationship.
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  • ironlady2022ironlady2022 Forumite
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    Depending on where both your locations are. Try Megabus/mega train, split ticketing on trains and booking at least 3 months in advance :)
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    SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    I'd say go halves. I'm currently not working but my bf is, but i still give him money for train fare, and i also bought him a railcard (1/3 off!), however he always comes to see me (he still lives at home where as i don't)

    Heck when i was still in 6th form i used to save up half my dinner money so i could go visit my then bf :eek:
  • marisamarisa Forumite
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    Can she actually afford to go halves or would that leave her short for essentials?
    If it is a matter of you pay or you don't see each other then your choice is right there.
    If she can afford it, even though she has no income, e.g has lots of money spare it is up to her if she thinks you are worth paying to come see her.
    If she chooses to spend her money on things other than seeing you when she could afford it, then it is hardly meant to be.
    It all comes down to what her social budget is and if she chooses to spend it on you or not.

    What did you want from this thread, if we tell her she has to pay will you link this and she will cough up without resentment??

    If we say no you should pay, but we can tell you don't want to, you will keep arguing and resenting her.

    So decide if she is worth it and if so don't nag her to pay, if she can afford it but doesn't pay that shows you aren't worth much to her anyway so best apart.

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  • oldtroutoldtrout Forumite
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    She moved away to study. Didn't she plan to return now and again anyway, ie some travel costs? Suppose it depends on how much you need to see each other.
  • If her family lives near you, maybe she's got a cute sister?
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