Executors/Beneficiaries query II

I am currently a beneficiary of a will and am not very happy with the way it is being executed. In particular the property which forms most of the estate is being inhabited by one of the executors sons (rent free).
When I approached the executors about this and informed them I may have to get a solicitor involved they got most defensive.

Clearly I would have to pay my own solicitors bill but they are saying that they will also take their solicitors bill out of MY PART of the estate (currently they have no solicitor involved in the estate). IS this correct?? Surely their bill should come out of all the estate?

Many thanks


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    Executors have a personal and legal obligation to adminster the estate as per the instructions in the will and proved by the granting of a Grant of Probate.
    If you are unhappy by all means contact a solicitor( you will have to pay for this) but if it's found you are right I would expect you to get the Executor to cough up not the estate( as damages ).
    You may wish to remind him/her of this obligation.
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    Unfortunately, this is a money-saving website and you are asking for legal advice. I am sure that there are many better websites out there who may be able to help you. No doubt though, they will tout for business.

    I think may also be able to get some free legal advice from a Solicitor (amount to about an hour of work). If you contact the Law Society they will be able to give the phone numbers of Solcitors who can give free assistance.
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    You may find someone with appropriate qualifications/experience at uk.legal.moderated
    For more formal advice try the helpline at CLSDIRECT
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