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I've read a lot of the stuff on here but am still none the wiser.

My Mum has mentioned reclaiming PPIs as she was contacted by a company over the phone.

I see here that in the majority of cases, using a handler does not seem a good idea.

However my Mum's loans are were very old, they are all paid off now and as a result she hasn't kept paperwork.

She had a number of loans and distinctly remembers being told she needed the PPIs despite telling them that she has never been late on a payment for anything in her life and that her job was secure etc. She knows that she definitely had loans with Barclays and also with Mercentile who from looking on here seemed to be Barclays essentially.

My question is what is the first step I need to take to helping her to claim these back seeing as I know nothing about loans etc.

Thank you in advance for any help that you are able to give me,

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