Thank you Martin

The money over the years this site has saved me is brilliant A few weeks ago Martin advised us to get a fixed term deal on our gas and electric following his advice I went for the fixed price deal with EDF which to start with gave me a saving of £27 a month and the price is fixed until April 2014!!!! Yesterday EDF announced an increase on Gas and Electric of just over 10% Wow how good did that make me feel! So my advice for what it's worth is to have a look around Martins website and save yourselves a lot of money.
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Since first using Martins I have saved thousands


  • i want to say also thank you Martin
  • This site should be compulsory reading at school. I have learnt so much and more importantly saved so much from the advice and information on this site. Started using cash back site for all purchases, would never have tried it without ML as nrevouse internet user. Had loft insulated and central heating fitted, all free. Got good deals when changing money (I thought they were all the same!), airport parking, insurances etc etc. Thanks again.
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    Just be careful, your saving of £27 a month could be sending you into a false sense of security.

    The money you pay per month is not for the electricity/gas you use, it is paid on account and goes towards your annual fuel bill.

    Do you know how much your annual bill for last year was, if so, divide it by 12 and that's how much you should be paying. If it is lower than that, you will end up being in debt and your DD will go up a lot more to catch up when your next review comes around.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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