Investing or Saving

I am 29 years old have a joint mortgage with my partner of which I still owe around 80,000 and he owes 30,000. I also have an isa containing 12,000 and earn roughly 1,000 a month. My partner wants to get a second mortgage though to buy a property to rent out using my ISA money as part of the deposit, is this not risky?. I don't want to lose my savings or have little as back up should I end up out of work.

Also I was wondering are there any small ways of investing just a couple of 100 to earn some more interest. Apart from my ISA I do have a second account containing a couple of hundred to pay for driving lessons. I have no pension and as my parents were always bad with money I am always worried about not having any.

What is the best way of making money with minimal risk?


  • Hi,

    I personally think that when it comes to getting interest from your money, the smaller the risk, the smaller the interest.

    From my experience, property can be a good investment but don't forget essential questions before that:
    - is it a good time to buy (is the market in a low)?
    - for how long can afford paying the mortgage if you loose your job and have no tennent (you also have to consider the worst case-scenario)?
    - how easy is it to find tennents?
    … and so on…

    plus other considerations such as that you can easily withdraw money from your ISA, not from a property; a propery might worth less in 2 years than it may in 10 years.

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