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    Kaybenson wrote: »
    It appears this is NOT available on andriod. Is it?

    It isn't, there have been a few comments about an android App in the past, but more recent comments saying that they have enough coverage just with iPhone users so it isn't on the drawing board for the time being.
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  • That's a really good idea.
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    As Apple's smartphone market share is dropping each quarter, I'm sure they will soon do an Android app for their service.
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    Most likely they'll expand one day, but at the moment they have no intention of branching to the android market as they've stated several times. Still a great app for anyone with Iphones
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  • Thanks guys, have just downloaded it today! Got a fair few jobs around where I am so shall give it a shot! Want to earn pennies here and there whenever I can :)
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  • This sounds like it could be good if more people used it and if more tasks were added and in more locations. Who posts these jobs though? And what do they involve? just going into a shop and taking pictures of things? I don't understand why people pay you money to do that.
  • I'm no expert, but as far as I can tell, it's to ensure various products are being marketed as they should be. If the whole shelf looks a mess, or different to how they envisioned it, they'll know it won't sell so well. It's a pretty efficient way of getting the job done. Otherwise it'd be armies of sales reps being paid good money to do the same job..
  • They have various jobs, some are just checking to see if the listed adress of some companies are correct, some are to check that the companies are showing the proper advertising like Sarah said. Pretty much like small mystery shop tasks, with the top people in the company making sure their branches do what they're supposed to do
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    Do you need to be self-employed to use this app? I'm a bit confused and don't want to start using it if I'm not supposed to. Thanks.
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