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November 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 22 October 2012 at 1:33PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • flubberyzingflubberyzing Forumite
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    A £1.80 in Tesco on milk and bread. Also looked to see if they were doing the 15p xmas wrapping paper this year... No sign of it. :( Fingers crossed it's just coming later. I seem to remember it being in a huge container quite near the entrance last year, rather than with all the other papers... I'll be gutted if they don't do it. I refuse to pay £1.36 a roll for the next cheapest. Otherwise I'll be off to £land for mine!
    I very rarely go to the supermarket on a Saturday, and deliberately left it until later in the day, but the shop was an absolute madhouse! Packed to the rafters, everyone looked stressed out, I got trodden on then rammed with trolleys twice (I just had a basket). It was not fun! I think I'll stick to my Sunday morning shops in future. I just didn't want to ruin a NSD tomorrow! ;)
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  • Save_Dosh wrote: »
    suffolklass well done on fixing the washing machine - im getting my hair cut Friday as well - been a long time - my hair is really long and ive decided to go short so in a bit of a panic heres what i might get done any suggestions from anyone greatly needed (its the meg ryan one)

    Mine's more of a cross between Ellen Degeneres and Denise Welsh - really easily to keep and when I do leave it to dry itself I just ruffle through some wax to spike it up a bit, easy peasy.
    Edit: Need2bthrifty I find a whole squash in the fridge sometimes a bit intimidating as I cba to chop it up when cooking. So it works really well to slice into wedges and roast straight away (I roast in the skin so even easier) as a tub of already cooked and chopped squash in the fridge lasts up to a week and can just be added to dishes as you go :)

    Thanks thats a great idea as there is only me to cater for its sounds a great way of using it up in different dishes - will roast it tomorrow and have some along with my Jerk Turkey Steak - yum, yum.
  • Bluegreen143Bluegreen143 Forumite
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    Quick note of a small spend of £3.49 on bin bags and milk - I had ordered bin bags in my delivery for tomorrow but I'll cancel them now, we ran out and needed them urgently lol.
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  • pinkypigpinkypig Forumite
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    Small spend of £2.50 on some ys salad, ys bread and ys garlic baguettes plus some SP stuffing. Stil hoping to come in on budget as the car needs taxing soon but not sure if that is realistic with two weeks to go :(
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  • Suffolk_lassSuffolk_lass Forumite
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    pinkypig wrote: »
    Stil hoping to come in on budget as the car needs taxing soon but not sure if that is realistic with two weeks to go :(

    I know how you feel. I put the tax through for the landy today - £220 for the year -the other car is "only" £120 but I bought six months landy tax one time to get them to opposite ends of the year so I can budget better. I keep thinking about getting rid of it but then the servicing costs are low and it remains the most fun to drive and really handy for towing and loading "stuff" into, so we keep it...

    We've had a NSD here as we focussed on moving a palette of paving slabs into the back garden - I inadvertently ordered thicker (read heavier) ones than last time. At least they are not visible from the road now - just the four tons of sand, gravel and topsoil left to shift now.

    DH had chopped the logs by the time I was dressed so I packed them round the woodburning stove ready for this evening. I've just lit the wood burner and everything was a tiny bit damp (including the matches!) but a fire for the evening will sort it all out.


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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Bluegreen, I've added your Asian-style salmon & squash salad to the index :beer:
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    After saying I wasn't spending anything until next Friday I have a spend of £9.70 to report:o

    Went to Mr T to get the DVDs DH wants for Christmas from DM that she couldn't get in her Mr T and some beer for DH. Picked up a couple of other Christmas presents including a couple of those calendars you put your own pictures in that I have been looking for everywhere. I used a £8 voucher and have taken it off my Food spends. I bought salad cream, chicken breasts, GF cereal for DH, lucozad3, ham and value fizzy water. DH new healthy eating regime is costing quite a bit but he has lost 4lbs this week and is feeling much better:)

    I got a £5 off £40 till spit which I will use next weekend. My plan is to send DH with a short list as he works next to a Mr T and with strict instructions not to go over the £40:)
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  • £14 tonight on a takeaway for us, i'm counting it as a meal out.. as more expendature than making at home.. when i started grocery challenge before i drastically cut meals out to get my spending down, and keeping it within the grocery budget makes me think about it.

    Good news is i have not overspent yet thismonth, aim to spend no more than equiv of £10 a day, so to be on £98 on day ten is ok.
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  • Nicky_Noo_NaNicky_Noo_Na Forumite
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    Little spend of £4.09 on bread, milk and a nice salad for Fridays dinner - hoping to last till Tues for a top-up shop!

  • MrsCDMrsCD Forumite
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    mossy wrote: »
    I popped in to the new Asd* and picked up a couple of things one of which was over charged but I didn't check the receipt grrr!! Anyway spent £4.69. I need to buy milk and ice cream (for desert tomorrow/guests) and THAT IS IT!! Until end of next week when I need to buy supplies to bake cupcakes for work as it's my birthday.

    Also bought lots of bits to finish off the Christmas shoe boxes but that's a different budget fortunately!!

    Remember to take the receipt and the packet back when you go there again. Go to Customer services and tell them you were overcharged, they should refund you the difference and give you a gift card for £2 for their mistake.
    My shoeboxes are all finished and ready to go - just living in Mam's spare bedroom for now until we collect any strays at church!
    meg72 wrote: »
    Forgot to say I finished the fiscal fast,all 7 days of it without spending a penny. I plan to spend the 20.00 I saved on a parcel for my local womens refuge as I`ve heard they always need little pressies for the womens and kids to brighten up Christms a bit.
    What a lovely idea Meg. I wonder where my local one is....I have points on my B00ts card and they do 3 for 2 on toys etc.
    elly2 wrote: »
    This morning in a moment of madness i paid some more debts off :T so savings have reduced further but i feel so much better and have worked out that i will have recouped the money in just over a year by paying the debt money into my savings:rotfl::rotfl: so marisotta have now gone (£303 they were charging me an average £10 service charge a month) and i*m* have recieved £794 (scary) but that is my bnpl dec +jan payments covered so have saved £200 in intrest payments on them alone and an extra £500 on top of my normal £70 monthly payment they charge an average £30 intrest per month :mad::mad: so that should come down a little, will wait to see total balance when payments go through and will try my hardest to clear the rest off :T asap. Today will be a NSD for the GC but feel that me and the lo's need to celebrate so will be a celebration spend day :beer:.
    elly2 - well done on paying some of your debt off :T AS for the rest, could you transfer CCards to a zero interest one? There are threads with far more knowledgeable people to give you advice on reducing payments etc. Look in the money sections. :)
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