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November 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 22 October 2012 at 2:33PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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    rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Pearla*Merle, I've added your Smoked Sausage, Apple & Onion Tart recipe to the index. :beer: sounds lovely, I've also added it to my recipes file :D

    Possession on the make do and mend thread has posted this link for GF recipes, I've added it to the recipe index.
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  • Can I join this month please. Having lost my job finances really tight, but have quite a lot in freezer and cupboard, so 2 adults & 1 child - £200 I think will be realistic.

    Thanks for running this thread:T
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  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    Will try again for €175...not quite finished October's money yet but month not over either!

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  • pinkypigpinkypig Forumite
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    Hi everyone. Just planning November and am going to really try and challenge myself this month to try and stash a bit of extra cash way for Christmas.

    Can you put me down for £200 for the month. This is for four of us and a cat and needs to include everything.

    Good luck everyone :j
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  • KolaKubeKolaKube Forumite
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    Please can we join - again - for Nov....?

    Budget has gone out the window lately in a few aspects of our lives!

    Setting a realistic £200.. We normally aim too low and give up! X

    Sorry I cant make it go red on my phone :(
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  • please put me down for the next four week budget 21th to 2oth for 150 please i like doing weekly money withdraws but some weeks i work six days and some five that means i spend more walking to the shops lol
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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    My November started on the 19th of October and I am aiming to come in under £500 for my 5 week month. It is a generous budget but I am yet to come in under budget. I am cutting my self a bit of slack for the rest of the year and if I can manage £500 I can then start chipping away at it.

    I have a Mr T order booked for Friday that I keep fiddling about with:rotfl: I hav an £8 off £80 voucher to use so will stock up on some bits for Christmas which comes out of a different budget to use the voucher.
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  • tattycathtattycath Forumite
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    In October I bought some new cake tins-should kitcheny stuff come out of grocery budget or not please?
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  • First month I am going for £300

    Can't figure out how to make the font bigger sorry!

    This is for two of us
  • mossymossy Forumite
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    tattycath wrote: »
    In October I bought some new cake tins-should kitcheny stuff come out of grocery budget or not please?

    Tattycash, it's entirely up to you! ;) Some people do just for food, some do food, toiletries etc, some do all of the above and eating out. I have a seperate budget for treats and stuff so I would have bought cake tins from that but it depends on your own budgets etc. If it were me I wouldn't take it out of my grocery budget. Hope that helps! :D
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