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Stop the worry

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
Hi Guys

Has anyone heard of this company before? I received a letter from them a few days ago, they claim to be a company of trained councilors specializing in helping people who may have been miss-sold an IVA.

I have a bad feeling my partner and I have – We went with Debt Free Direct for the IVA but are having trouble meeting their proposed payments (after being pushed into the sale). The payments are just short of what we would be paying if we never entered an IVA but we were so confused and flustered we agreed to it without really thinking about it. We rang them to ask for help and tell them we couldn’t make last months payment so they sent us a variation form. Filled the form out with income and expenditures etc and sent it back. They have now put our payments up by almost £100 per month.:mad:

Also my partner is pregnant. Didn’t say anything to DFD as we wanted to wait until we had the all clear. Had the scan a few days ago so rang to inform them we are expecting a nipper, they basically said tuff, we have to pay the amount they have proposed until the birth then submit another variation. Great, so if my partner and I are living off bread and water because we can’t afford to meet the payments how are we supposed to buy baby things?:confused: I’ve got a feeling they are not really acting in our best interest but are only after their % of our misery.

Anyway, rang Stop the Worry for some advice. They’re coming out to our flat on Tuesday which my partner isn’t very happy about so was wondering who has heard of them?

Sorry about the rant.
254 of 2007!!

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