Good resturants in Cardiff

in Wales
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I'm looking for a good resturant in Cardiff centre. That isn't too expensive I don't mind what it serves. Just as long as its resonably priced.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • So the requirements are:
    - located in centre of Cardiff
    - not too expensive
    - good

    That's very vague. I think you need to give us some more clues.
    Are City Road or Cathedral Road in the centre?
    What kind of price would make a place "too expensive"?
    Does "good" mean it makes food critics swoon, or just that it doesn't give you the runs?

    If you're in a hurry and can't answer, then The Thai House on Guildford Crescent is close to the city, has very good food, and is more expensive than some others, but still reasonable value.
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    Have you tried the red hot world buffet nice selection of foods.
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