The Naked Trader - thinking of going to the seminar..

I'm tempted to try out the Naked Trader seminar:

But all the usual questions are popping into my head i.e is it worth the money (around 600+VAT), why would someone do this if they are making money for themselves, I could find out the same stuff by reading books instead of spending money on the seminar...

My reasons for wanting to try it out are that, yes, although I could read the same stuff in a book, it would take a long time before I learn all the same lesson being taught within this one day course, and it might save me making the costly mistakes from which I would learn the same stuff..also it's nice to have someone spoonfeeding the critical stuff rather than having to piece it together myself on a trial and error basis...

Has anyone been on this seminar? Any other views for/against?

"To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant." Amos Bronson Alcott


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    heard him on the fool podcasta year ago or so. seems ok. not sure I would go to the seminar. maybe start with his books.

    patience is a virtue in life and in investing :)
    "enough is a feast"...old Buddist proverb
  • There's been a similar thread a couple of years ago

    Not sure about the conclusions.
  • tbh, these "get rich quick" seminars are normally a con....
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    I'd avoid it.

    You can learn most of what you need to learn about investing from his book, some other 'entry level' investment books and some more classic investing books, e.g. by Ben Graham and Peter Lynch. And then, of course, practise and patience.
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    tbh, these "get rich quick" seminars are normally a con....

    Well they do work up to a point. The person running them gets rich!
    Remember the saying: if it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is.
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    I know how you can save £600 + VAT...............
  • dont bother - no one can predict whats going to happen

    its all random anyway

    stick to low cost trackers

  • Archergirl wrote: »
    I know how you can save £600 + VAT...............

    i can tell you what Archergirl is thinking, for a fee of only £300 + VAT.
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    I've been to a seminar and I had mixed thoughts! overall it wasn't bad.

    Robbie is a good guy and very open to questions. He doesn't pretend to be anything of the highest and also his method is very basic but done well, which is incredibly hard on the markets! simple risk management and targets!

    So it's a great start for newbies and people who would like to meet like minded people etc.

    The drawback is he doesn't really educate you to the way he thinks, it's more of a showing you what he does. You can piggy back on his trades during the day if you feel they fit your strategy and maybe able to make your money back....

    He will touch on some TA and he has a great understanding of Level 2 and seems to use it well for his entry and exit.

    He will show you how he searches for shares and touch on his reasoning etc. which is what you really need from this is his thought process.

    So overall it wasn't bad but wasn't great, depending on your experience in the markets it may or may not benefit you. It's more for beginners and of course there is no substitute for live battlefield action and experience!

    In saying that it is probably the cheapest and most useful for equities, alot of the FX ones will be free, but FX will wipe you out in seconds and the rest are going to cost you £k's

    hope this helps, any questions please feel free to fire away!
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    good post above - nice to hear some feedback - i quite fancy one also, but by the time i have travelled and stayed over it is closer to a grand in overall cost terms.

    I loved his books - and often listen to the audio-books in the car - he seems a switched on bloke - they are just a 'touch' too expensive for me. In the big scheme of things, the cost isn't that high - certainly there are a whole host of other seminars which are multiples of this figure!

    as for some of the advice above - it's not a get rich quick scheme - far from it - kind of "develop a bit of wealth slowly" - and as for sticking to low cost trackers? seriously??

    let us know if you decide to go and how it worked out for you!
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