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Is anyone a member of Paidoffers They reckon you can earn up to £75 week .Has anyone tried them?


  • I would steer well clear if I was you.

    I signed up a couple of weeks ago and when I reached task 4, I was asked to join a bingo site and deposit £5. I decided I had nothing better to do than play online bingo that night, so I went ahead. Suddenly, my task 1 disappeared, and task 4 miraculously became task 1. So although I had done 4 tasks, they removed 1 (along with the £50 I had earned for it). They then told me they had no more tasks for me and to check back tomorrow.

    I did this several days in a row and there were no more tasks,.

    I'd forgotten all about it until I saw your post, so I just logged on to see whether there were any more tasks (remember I am back on task 4 again, which should have been task 5). Oh yes. New task. Sign up to Bob's Bingo (yes you heard right) and deposit £10.

    Needless to say I wont be signing up to Bob's bingo, nor will I be spending any more money with Paid Offers. I simply don't believe that you will ever reach the £300 mark (which you have to reach to receive any payout). And if you do, you'll have probably spent that much signing up to Bingo sites!!!
  • Thanx for that.At least I got 5 points for reading about it from Mutual points.
  • Thanks fpr posting this as I was going to sign up
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    i am interested to hear if anyone actually gets paid from this site.

    I joined it and so far have got to offer 9 however i have noticed several of the offers havent validated yet, i did email support as i have kept evidence of every offer i have completed and i asked support what happen if an offer doesnt credit? do you simply keep trying until you have successfully completed 26 offers? or does one not validating mean that invalidates all the others and you dont get paid for any?

    I have not yet had a response, so for a new site that is trying to get new clients their customer services is non existent and if they cant reply to a simple query, i would think this is the way they dont pay people by 'not validating' a few offers so it is impossible to get paid and not replying to emails to resolve.
  • In reply to the feeds about paid offers promising money, I had the same experience as all you other guys. Maybe the same as you I thought it would be some additional free money but it is not the case.
    The whole process takes forever and you have to put money in, in the hope of getting money out, which is a complete con.
    I did some sleuthing and they have loads of these sites such as:

    There are more so be aware. When I didn't get any money from them I tried calling on 01732 252027 spoke to someone about it and was told tough !!!!, which enraged me enough to write this. Whatever you do do not use them....oh and I watched the names and amount of money they have earned, one name came up 3 times in a minute, I mean if I can't earn a tenner in 3 days then how did he manage to get £150 in a minute !
  • i did this, filled all my details, did all the offers and got no money, you have to complete all 36 offers and it says to wait for validation that can take 6 months, all that time they have the money and are making interest on it, if there is any money there, id steer clear, :mad:
  • WHat are the rules on false advertising! I signed up - I've been spammed ever since - they keep launching the new site under a different name every couple of months!

    I've unsubscribed a number of times - but I think by unsubscribing, they know I'm here, so they keep emailing me!

    Not funny.
  • Hi
    Can any advise me on how i unscribe to did a search and thought it was ok until i found the messages on here. Nightmare just trying to earn some extra money.
  • I have completed all 26 offers and they said i should get £1255, only £290 of that money had been validated. I emailed them and explained the situation and asked when I will be getting the money I am owed and they said it could take a few months to validate it all so I have to wait. I emailed them back asking if I could get my £290 that has already been validated and they have no emailed me back since and nothing has changed on my account. I am very angry that people can do this all I was doing was looking for an extra bit of money for my baby :(
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