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Credit card debt cleared because of loophole

I have been getting calls from a firm telling me they can clear my credit cards if I took them out before 2007 and if they have changed or amended any of my credit agreements without a signature. It is some sort of loophole. Is this for real or it is a bogus company? Anyone know?


  • pvtpvt Forumite
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    Ask them if they will provide that service on a no win no fee basis ;)

    I suspect you'll find they don't guarantee success, and that they will want you to pay them a fee up front. So you go figure if it's a scam or not.
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  • They did say it was a no win no fee service and that they got their money from the Credit card provider. I was given their website which allegedly links to a government registered business site. Easily acheived by a clever website designers. I have the website details but not sure I can post it on here?
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