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How smart to this are companies getting?

I have been stoozing for a year, mainly slow but with some faster methods when opportunity arises.

I have stoozed about £32k in 12 months, across 5 cards.

Problem is i have just been knocked back on 2 applications. With no changes to my circumstances. payment history perfect, salary sufficiently high to justify any reasonable limit etc.

Checked credit files, all perfect. However i paid for a score (not a perfect method i know) and Credit Expert rank me as poor - 656. A year ago I was 999. The only negative point is raised in its summary was my total outstanding debt.

So are companies getting wise to multiple promo balances?


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    The problem would be total outstanding debt level accumulated over a year, not so much stoozing. with a longer history and clear evidence over time of clearing the cards you may well be able to do more.
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