Sully Car Boot

in Wales
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Heard some good things about Sully car boot, just wanted some more info.

Is it as big as they say? The car boots I've experienced so far have been relatively small so would be nice to have the atmosphere of a bigger one. I would mainly be selling to declutter, old books and things like that, do they sell ok there or will I just be crowded out by everyone else?

The information on the internet says it runs until September, does this mean the beginning or the end? I'm tied up for the next couple of weekends :/

Thanks :)


  • Hi

    it's a really good car boot, on a warm day (or at least not raining!) it gets packed. I'm not sure if it runs to the end of Sep, I did ask around mysefl to fine this out and most people seem to think so but couldn't find out for definate.

    Hope that helps!
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