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Does this look/sound like a good idea?

I've been accepted for both the Virgin credit card and MBNA credit card [despite both being the same company] which offer cash transfers within the first 60 days of opening the account, £3600 and £3000 respectively for 20 months at 0%.
The Virgin card has a 4% fee for obtaining the cash, the MBNA has a special rate of 2.5%.
I therefore potentially have the oportunity to obtain £6300 which I could put into a high % savings account, ISA, but premium bonds etc.
£3600 + 4% = £3744
£3000 + 2% = £3060
So the total interest would be £204 [not including the monthly 1% minimum payment].
Would I realistically earn this back in any kind of savings/ISA account in the 20 months, or would it simply be a waste of time and money?
Many thanks for any help and advice.


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