MMA GYH(M) GYH(EY) and Tax rebates - help!

Hello all, I have read on all kinds of forums about what I can and cannot do here, so I have a broad idea, but I would appreciate some advice with references to any relevant documentation if possible.

I have been informed of the whole tax exemption and claim-back (that can be backdated 6 years) for motor mileage claims in relation to work. From what I can gather these cannot be used for daily commuting but I wanted to check on the ones mentioned above.

My postings have been as follows:

Aug 08 - Feb 09: posted to one location, working daily in another, in receipt of GYH(M) (also claimed a few GYHEY and a few courses away from either location).

Feb 09 - Aug 09:posted to one location, working daily in another, in receipt of GYH(M) (also claimed a few GYHEY).

Aug 09 - Jun 11: Posted to the same location as work, in receipt of GYH (plus 6 miles from work to SFA). as I was here less than 2 years I see that HMRC class this as temporary residence. Also completed a tour in this time and was away from home on many courses whereby I used my own vehicle.

Jun11-Now: posted @ work, no MMA, but no commute so its a good deal!

I hope someone can give me some idea of what I can and cannot claim for, I have read the HMRC employee factsheet, and the p87 forms. My questions are essentially

Can I claim on the GYH payments whilst at the first two postings?
Can I claim on the MMA for non duty journys at these locations
Can I claim on the GYH(EY) payments
Can I claim on the MMA for my 23 month posting?

Thanks in advance, if I get a consolidated answer I will try putting together a guide for others in how to get backdated information from the clerks and what is and isnt able to be claimed for.


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    All I know is that the official HMRC mileage rate is more than MMA. They allow 45p per mile for the 1st 10,000 miles but HM Forces pays 25p all up.

    As such, tax on the the difference (20p for the first 10,000 miles) can be reclaimed. You cannot claim the actual 20p, just the tax (8p if you pay 40%).

    I do not know if this applies to GYH but the ability to claim the tax on the extra 20p is because the Army requires us to have business insurance for our vehicles therefore your vehicle becomes tax deductable to a certain extent.

    Hope this helps (a bit).
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