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Staying cool in this hot weather

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  • Rochdale_GuyRochdale_Guy Forumite
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    surely it's cooler not to wear any at all.

    I'm not wearing any.... and I'm at work too! :p
  • sophlowe45sophlowe45 Forumite
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    Just been reading this

    How to sleep in hot weather
  • mandimandi Forumite
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    sophlowe45 wrote: »

    Just been reading this

    How to sleep in hot weather

    Honestly this has been the worst summer I can remember . It's rained since April with only a few days of sun here up North .

    I'm happy to swap my rain for some sunshine .. Any offers will be most welcome . :)
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    EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Toronto is cold in winter but in summer it's as hot as Milan. Many years back an old guy died in a room with a fan on, it was surmised that he thought he was cool because of the breeze from the fan so he wasn't hydrating and didn't have any windows open.

    Having lived there, I have screen doors with aluminium mesh which let air in and keep flies out. I can't do that with the windows though as UK windows generally open outwards not inwards or straight up.

    Opening windows on one floor creates a cross draught which moves air around which is why having screen doors on my doors helps cool the house during the day. Keeping blinds closed or if Venetian almost closed keeps rooms cooler.Thermal curtains keep the heat in :(

    Mint tea is really refreshing. Running wrists under cold water is supposed to help but by the time they're dry I find the effect has worn off.

    Wearing cotton or linen not man-made fibres, thinner clothes and nothing tight fitting really helps. Also going without tights/stockings/leggings and wearing longer skirt/trousers instead.Cotton sports bra rather than the slinky underwired nylon number too. Less makeup so pores can breathe, maybe tinted moisturiser instead with sunscreen ? If you can find them cans of atomised water used on your face are refreshing.

    Wet wipes for a quick wipe and re-application of anti-perspiration deodorant every now and then.

    Sunglasses get me into summer mode of hydrating, wearing a hat to keep my head cool whenever feasible. If I have them on I'm not squinting and feel more comfortable.

    In hotter places I found wearing metal jewellery can be uncomfortable eg posts in ears, rings, watch as the sun heats them up.

    Paddling your feet in a nearby fountain in summer is cooling, as are Crocs

    oh and white reflects heat..
  • sophlowe45sophlowe45 Forumite
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    Mandi i would swap for some cool weather, woke up at 7am with a horrible headache due it being so hot after 3 hours sleep. I really hate it. I think its mostly to due with how the flat is built, lots of people leave their front doors open, i wondered why when i moved in as everyone walking down the corridor can see into your entire flat and hear what you are watching. I now know why...
  • GloomendoomGloomendoom Forumite
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    I'm so glad we don't live one of these 'eco' houses. Our house has small windows and 3 foot thick solid stone walls and stays lovely and cool throughout the summer without any need for open windows, fans, or air conditioning. I'm still sleeping under a 13.5 tog duvet. :)

    Having said that, having been unfortunate enough to have to spend several weeks in Cyprus, Malaysia, and Australia over the past few months, I don't regard the current weather as in any way 'hot'. More pleasantly warm. In fact, a bit warmer still would suit me. :p
  • sophlowe45sophlowe45 Forumite
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    Its raining, can't believe it, hoping for a fresher day tomorrow.
  • kimwpkimwp Forumite
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    Wet hair, damp clothing or cloths on the bits of you that water can evaporate from (IE don't wet a towel and sit on it)
    Remember a fan cools you, but warms the room, so have it facing you when on and turned off when you leave the room.
    Only have external windows and doors open where it's cooler outside than in. Keep internal doors closed unless you are creating a path for cool air from outside to come in (note cool air, not warm windy air!) Curtains on the sunny side of the house closed when the sun is on them.
    Freezer blocks (or bottles of frozen water) wrapped in a thin towel between the thighs or anywhere else where there's a lot of blood flow will help massively, just make sure you wrap enough that you don't get freezer burn.

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  • ElishebaElisheba Forumite
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    Under the Median's latest YT video is on ways to save money on electricity. However, as they are in the US they talk about ways to keep cool without putting the air con on. They suggest using a fan to exhaust the hot air out of the window, rather than recirculating it inside. Having another wind open on a different room so it can create a corridor of moving air also helps.

    Never thought about using a hot water bottle as a cold water bottle before, so will try that if it gets too hot at the weekend.

    A thing I have done in the past to cool down when I sleep is to wet a towel and wring it out, and then use as either a blanket or sheet cover. It's cools you down, and if it's hot nothing stays damp so no worries on that score. 
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  • elsienelsien Forumite
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    This thread is a bit of a blast from the past - 2012. I’m sure the tips are still relevant, I’m just surprised it’s still accessible. 
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