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Trying for a Baby Part 8

edited 11 November 2012 at 4:26PM in Marriage, Relationships & Families
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edited 11 November 2012 at 4:26PM in Marriage, Relationships & Families
This is the new thread for those trying for a baby.
The previous one is here:

I have added those who were on the Team Sticky list below, but others please re-post your details:)

List of users

abailey54 TTC#1 since 06/11/12
Abis (31) TTC#2 since 10/11 (1mc 05/12)
amus TTC#1 since 07/12 (1mc)
amyloofoo (25) TTC#1 since 07/12
an9i77 (35) TTC#2 since 09/12
angeltreats (32) TTC#1 since 09/12
apple*pie TTC#1 since 03/12
atton83 (29) TTC#1 since 2002
becca0417 (25) TTC#1 since 04/12
benhope TTC#2 since 03/12
Bigzippy* (30) TTC#1 since 12/10
Birdie85* (27) TTC#1 since 10/11
chloelouise (26) TTC#1 since 08/12
clearing_out_my_pockets TTC#1 since 02/12
codemonkey (32) TTC#1
Coops228 (40) TTC#2 since 03/12
Elsie37 (31) TTC#1 04/12
firefly369 (37) TTC#1 since 01/12
fannyanna (27) TTC#1 since 04/11
fraz_babe TTC#2 since 07/12
g1rlyg1rl (31) TTC#1 since 09/12
good vibes (36) TTC#1 since 04/12 (1mc)
Hopelass (30) TTC#1 since 10/12
jellybean12 TTC#1 since 2009
jovie (26) TTC#1 since 10/12
leopardlady TTC#2
lilian77 (35) TTC#2 since 09/12
Lily_the_Legend TTC#1 since 02/12
lilymay1 (25) TTC#3 since 12/11 (1 m/c and 1 neonatal death)
littleme82 (30) TTC#1 since 09/12
loulou123 (32) TTC#1 since 04/11
Metranil Vavin (39) TTC#2 since 10/12 (1mc & 2 chemicals)
mfwbutneedhelp (30) TTC#1 since 01/12
miss maid (28) TTC#1 since 05/12
mrshappy (39) TTC#2 since 05/11
mssas TTC#1 since 10/11 (2mcs)
Nicki (43) TTC#4 since 08/11 (mc 09/11)
NoAngel (26) TTC#1 since 11/12
onlywayisup (28) TTC#1 since 05/12
PommeVerte (25) TTC#1 since 03/12
purcy81 (31) TTC#1 since 09/12
RazWaz (22) TTC#1 since 06/12
Rumfeeble (35) TTC#1 since 07/11
scarly (27) TTC#1 since 03/11* (mc 12/11)
scoobydoo TTC#1 since 08/12 (1mc)
Secretdebts (29) TTC#1 since 08/11
Smookle TTC#1 since 03/12
Spartan_Amy99 TTC#1 since 07/12
squ1rrel5 (33) TTC#1 since 08/11
Tea lover (33) TTC#1 since 2009
TeamLowe (26) TTC#1 since 07/11 (mc 06/11)
time2deal (36) TTC#1 since 10/11
Toothfairy4 (24) TTC#1 since 10/12
Trina2010 (25) TTC#1 09/12
TTC40 (41) TTC#1 since 09/11
Vesper (28) TTC#1 since 10/11
vic3 TTC#1 since 04/12


Helenlk (30) TTC#1 since 03/12 BFP 16/08/12
mrsj28 (30) TTC#1 since 11/11 BFP 25/08/12
lemonmelon (24) TTC#1 since 05/12 (2mc) BFP 29/08/12
Definitely blonde (33) TTC#1 since 11/11 (1mc) BFP 01/09/12
Tinkwings (39) TTC #3 since 05/11 (mc 08/11) BFP 04/09/12
*BigBird* (37) TTC#2 since 04/12 BFP 05/09/12
claretsgirl (39) TTC#1 since 01/12 BFP 06/09/12
Needhelpsaving (25) TTC#1 since 01/12 (1 ectopic) BFP 09/09/12
Metranil Vavin (39) TTC#2 since 09/12 (1mc) BFP 16/09/12
niknok (23) TTC#1 since 05/12 BFP 19/09/12
mogwai (32) TTC#1 since 02/12 BFP 03/10/12
*BigBird* (38) TTC#2 since 09/12 (1mc) BFP 05/10/12
Teaandcupcakesplease (37) TTC#1 since 06/12 BFP 06/10/12
Trina2010 (25) TTC#1 09/12 BFP 06/10/12
mrsj28 (30) TTC#1 since 11/11 (1mc) BFP 07/10/12
Metranil Vavin (39) TTC#2 since 09/12 (1mc & 1 chemical) BFP 15/10/12
purcy81 (31) TTC#1 since 09/12 BFP 17/10/12
minimuffin (27) TTC#1 since 07/12 BFP 17/10/12
claire16c (28) TTC#1 since 07/11 BFP 26/10/12
lovecake (29) TTC#1 since 08/12 BFP 27/10/12
Hopefor3 BFP 08/11/12

Those with * used Preseed/Conceive Plus:)

Link to abbreviations courtesy of MadMac from previous threads -
The most common ones are:

AF - Aunt Flo (period)
BFP - Big Fat Positive (+ on home pregnancy test)
BD - Baby dance (making babies)
CBFM - Clearblue fertility monitor
CD - Cycle date (CD1 is the 1st day of period)
DPO - Days past ovulation (if ovulation was on CD15, then that is 0DPO, CD16 is 1DPO)
HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
IC - Internet cheapie (IC OPKs, hpts)
NTNP - Not trying not preventing (pregnancy)
OV - ovulation
OPK - ovulation predictor kits
SBDTA - Sticky baby dust to all
SS - symptom spotting:naughty:
Temp - temperature (BBT)
TLP - Tiny little positive (faint positive on pregnancy test)

Also, an useful website telling you when to test, when you are ovulating and how the egg is developing etc found by Smash7 is here:

BBT thermometer some of us have bought:

Some TMI cm pics here:
Herbs to avoid when pregnant:
Drugs you can take when pregnant:

Pregnancy sensitivity (lower = more sensitive, earlier results)

Superdrug Own Brand (pink box - states can use 4 days before late AF on box) 10mIU
First Vue dip tests (poundland) - 25mIU
One step midstream (ALDI) - 25mIU
Clearblue - 25mIU
Clearblue Digital - 50mIU
First response early response - 12.5mIU
Boots own brand - 25mIU/50mIU
Sainsburys own - 15mIU
Tesco own - 25mIU
ASDA own - 25mIU
CBD with conception indicator - 25mIU


  • Ooh a lovely new thread, thanks QQ :)
    lily and razwaz I'm so excited for you both! I think they're tlps not evaps :D see a new thread is going to be good for us again, hopefully I can pick up some of its luck this time :)
    I had a beautiful dream about being pregnant last night which has made me feel happy today- I think it'll come true this year
    atton, good luck with your course, sounds like things are looking up for you
    Have a great weekend ladies :)
  • lilymay1lilymay1
    1.6K posts
    Good Morning ladies.

    Raz - That sounds VERY promising :D

    QQ - Lovely new thread :)

    Unfortunately, I don't think I will be adding to the BFP list anytime soon. BFN on a digi this morning. I was starting to get a little bit hopeful last night - my lp has never been this long - but it looks to me like soy has had an effect. *sigh* I feel a bit deflated.
    14th October 2010
    20th October 2011
    3rd December 2013
  • abis21abis21
    1.1K posts
    :j:j Shiny new thread :j:j

    Big thank you to QQ for all your hard work trying to keep us all in line :D

    Fingers crossed for a confirmed TLP with FMU razwaz.

    Big hugs for BFN on a digi Lilymay :A Soy worked for 2b and tattoo tho, but gave both of them incredibly long cycles. Maybe it has lengthened your cycle and a BFP is still to come :think:

    Lemonmelon - Fingers crossed your dream is a sign for this cycle :cool:

    JojoB - How are you feeling today? I keep thinking of you :A

    Hope the new thread brings out a bumper crop of BFP's.

    I have no idea where I am in my cycle. I thought I might be able to pinpoint ov from CM, but am just not sure and don't want to stick a pin in it just yet (and think I ov'd too early and therefore want to be testing). Am sure my cycles will still be erratic. Am trying to BD regular, but then theres that little voice which says you could be doing more. This "relaxed" approach is more stressful than I first thought :rotfl::rotfl:
    :love: Married my lobster in July 2011 :love:

    TTC # 2 since Oct 2011 - good things come to those who wait :o

    :dance: 2013 is going to be our lucky year :dance:
  • atton83atton83
    604 posts
    Morning ladies

    Don't think i have an infection doc would have picked up on it the other day

    I know i am not pregnant though.

    On the wedding front when i get my confirmation emails it will tell us if we can go ahead

    Must ring student finance monday again and change course again fingers crodsed my seizures don't scupper it

    Good luck everyone and have a great weekend
  • TeamLoweTeamLowe
    2.4K posts
    Big hugs to lilymay, I do hope the digi is wrong though x x

    Exciting news RazWaz,although when you said you got a third line I thought 'well that test is definitely messed up, I'd speak to the manufacturer' before I realised what you actually meant lol

    Yay for new thread, hope it's the last one I see x x
    Little Lowe born January 2014 at 36+6

    Completed on house September 2013

    Got Married April 2011
  • tinkwingstinkwings
    3.3K posts
    Thanks QQ for the shiney new thread!!!

    The tree forest is growing !!!

    Lets hope this thread is when we all get our BFP's................
    If you can think will happen
  • Elsie37Elsie37
    233 posts
    Thank you QQ - a lovely new thread!
    Hugs Lilymay - have my fingers crossed for a bfp!
    cd 6 for me and wishing the month away already! Hope everyone has some lovely plans for this hot weekend! Altho Im not seeing any sunshine where I am yet !
  • Elsie37Elsie37
    233 posts
    QQ - just noticed on the first list it has me as TTC since 01/12 - Ive been off the pill since then but didnt start TTC till 04/12.
  • Yay for the shiny new thread!! Thanks for setting this up QQ!

    I'm only popping on quickly to say bye as I won't be logging in again until I'm a married woman!! Wish me luck!!! :j

    Will see you all in a couple of weeks when back from New York and Operation take Metformin and get a honeymoon baby commences!!! :rotfl:
    :heart2: MRS Squ1rrel5 :heart2:

    Baby Squ1rrel5 arrived in the nest March 2014
  • TeamLoweTeamLowe
    2.4K posts
    Aww Squirrel have a fabulous time and a magical wedding! And a ver horny honeymoon lol

    Tink I love those trees! Look like they'll be perfect little first Christmas present for my niece ;) x x
    Little Lowe born January 2014 at 36+6

    Completed on house September 2013

    Got Married April 2011
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