Cards accepting credit balances?

Hi all

Used to do lots of stoozing during the credit binge ... extraordinary times ... but since '08 things went very quiet.

Have now been offered the latest Barclaycard deal (22 months/1.45% fee) which I thought, great ... off we go again. However, I always used to do the first Balance Transfer onto an Egg Money card, and then switch the funds straight from there into a savings account ... but now that avenue doesn't seem to be open (Egg cards bought by Barclaycard).

Then I tried switching the funds through to First Direct card I have so I could just spend down the balance, but they don't accept credit balances so the transfer got rejected. How the playing field has changed!

So question is ... does anyone know a card where a) you can go into credit ... and b) even better, where you can transfer that credit out without being charged a fee? Was the old Egg Money card a real one-off?

Thanks for your help - appreciate it!


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