Keeping Autographs on T shirt - How Do I wash It?

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My DS has a white :eek: cotton T shirt which was autographed by members of a BMX team & he wants to keep those autographs - BUT beeing a 9 year old the T needs washing after its first wear as hes such a muck magnet.

What can I do to keep the autographs & make sure they are not washed out? I think they are done in biro. I usually wash everything at 30 unless it is really honking, & will wash it inside out but was wondering if it is worth going over the autographs with a permenant marker & if so, which one?

I've never tried to keep biro stains on clothes before, & have rarely used stain treatments as my machine just seems to get everything out without much effort!

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    I'm not sure about the best way to wash it but is there any way you could stitch over the autographs? That way it wouldn't matter if the biro came off as the stitched autograph would remain.
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    I would do a very gentle hand wash, avoiding scrubbing the biro etc.
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    You could go to somewhere like hobbycraft and get one of those fabric pens to go over the sigs with. Even with careful washing my kids end of school polos ended up with blurred patches rather than signatures.
  • PixieDust
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    It never occurred to me that people actually wore these signed shirts....I thought that once they were signed they were put away as a keepsake......?
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    PixieDust wrote: »
    It never occurred to me that people actually wore these signed shirts....I thought that once they were signed they were put away as a keepsake......?

    ^^^ this ^^^
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    my daughter wore a t/shirt and got some band members to sign it when she met them in the bar. I have washed it but used non-bio & although slightly fainter, you can still the autographs.

    She only wore it to their gigs anyway but now she doesn't even like them anymore :D
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    If he really wants to wear the t-shirt again I would be inclined to stitch over the autographs so it can be washed, otherwise I would suggest top him that he use it as a keepsake (you don't need to wash it) my son has a similar t-shirt that he wanted to keep but it had some mud on, we just brushed off the mud and it is now pinned up on his bedroom wall as a memento of the day.
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    just brush off the worst of the dirt and then frame the t-shirt.
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    how about steam cleaning it if you have a steam cleaner? might not take stains off but at least it will be clean.. anyway if he is going to get it dirty and stained again then it doesn't matter right? :D
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