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visa for australia

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mr_parfectmr_parfect Forumite
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hi guys and girls. im going aus and wanted to no where is best to get my visa from(its just a 2 week holiday) cos i didnt book it through a travel agent i have to pay £40 per passport:confused: so im asking can anybody help me please????????? thanks in advance


  • rallymadrallymad Forumite
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    Fill in the form at

    AU$20 which is about £8.25.
  • dzugdzug Forumite
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    The charges travel agents make for ETAs are a bit of a con. They pay no fees for them - OK they need a computer and some training for their staff -but there is no fee to the Australian government.

    So DIY online as rallymad suggests. Unfortunately you will have to pay a fee but a small one. Note it's for applying - you have to pay even if turned down.
  • My brother booked his likes ages ago

    he has gone to oz for 6 months, but didn't get it until he got there

  • GiJoGiJo Forumite
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    Hubby and I did ours through the without any problem.
    You don't actually get a hard copy visa as it's an electronic one, although you do get the opportunity to print off a sort of confirmation.
    I think what happens is that when you check in at the airport they are able to confirm via computer that you have this electronic one.
    Worth noting I think is that when applying you have to give your passport number, so if you need to renew your passport before travelling, do this before applying for the visa as I assume a new passport means a new number.
    Hope this makes sense
  • They are £6.50 from here:

    ...which is cheaper than the Australian Government! I think they make their money from the business visas, which are more expensive than I've seen elsewhere.
    Next post follows in a moment ...
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