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Hi all,

I have a CC limit of £3900 and a next a/c with £900....(i use the cc to pay the next a/ those extra days...)

I pay my cc in full every is there any point in moving my Santader cc....should I open a 0% transfer account and use my current CC.... confused .... xXx


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    If you mean you have a balance of £900 owing to next then you could pay it with your santander credit card and then balance transfer that to a 0% card and put the £900 in a high inerest account.

    Table of available 0% cards here:

    Since most 0% cards give a 0% on spends period at the start you could just use the new card to pay next. This avoids the balance transfer fee.
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    It's worth checking whether you can pay your Council Tax bill with a credit card and what the extra charge is. Quite a lot have no charge and if there is a charge it's likely to be less than a balance transfer fee. This can be a useful way to accumulate some money on a 0% for purchases card fairly quickly if you also time other purchases well.
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