Stoozing - When to Balance Transfer?

With Barclaycards 2 x low BT 0% deals available currently just after some advice.

I have a slow stooze on the go including 8 months remaining on a Tesco 15months 0% card which is to the max with £3k in a 3.1% ISA to match what I owe on the card.

My question is would you sacrifice the remaining 8 months on this card for either of the Barclays deals?

Seems like a good opportunity but if these low BT deals are reasonably frequent shall I wait? :-)


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    gozaimasu wrote: »
    Good question. I don't think I would risk the application and mark on my credit file if Barclaycard couldn't offer me a deal to transfer all of the money across, which they more than likely wouldn't (I hear they are stingy with this?).

    I (and others on this forum) have found them extremely generous, best credit limit I've ever been offered and I've had at least 6 credit cards at different times. I transfered a balance with 3 months 0% left but not yet an m&s one with 8 months. I am also slow stoozing to the barclaycard but won't reach the credit limit in the 0% on spending time limit.

    By moving balances repeatedly you have to figure in the fees you are racking up against the interest earned.

    The Barclaycard offer finishes on 9th August.
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    My 0% deal is coming to an end in 3 weeks and I tried to apply for the Barclaycard but I got a weird screen at the end saying "Please accept our apologies, we are making some changes to the application form, so that we can continue to offer you a great customer experience. Please try again later or alternatively you can contact a member of our Customer service team who will be happy to help you"

    Anyone else had that? Does that mean I'll have a double mark on my credit record if I apply again?[/QUOTE]

    I had the same message!! Did you find out if you had to resubmit your application?
  • I had the same message!! Did you find out if you had to resubmit your application?

    I just applied again the following day during working hours (too lazy to phone them?!) and they rejected me. When I called to check the status the CSA told me that it was because I had applied twice!

    Really annoyed at them, I might write a letter.
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