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Levelling an upward sloping back garden?

edited 29 July 2012 at 5:51PM in Greenfingered MoneySaving
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shegirlshegirl Forumite
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edited 29 July 2012 at 5:51PM in Greenfingered MoneySaving
Hi,awaiting the move to our new house (couple of weeks to go) and the only thing I'm not keen on is the back garden.It nearly put me off the house tbh but I chose the house for location and various other reasons,above others I've viewed,and decided it's nothing that couldn't be worked on!

The back garden slopes upwards,which is a pain,but I'm looking for ideas to level/split level it to allow my son to play more safely,have his pool on the garden (current pool is a 12 x 12 steel frame pool),deck pond (although that can go on the large path along the back of my house really) and outdoor dining.
House is a semi and garden runs from the join to neighbours,past the end of my house and to the other sides garden.It also backs onto a garden for the street behind me.The house joined to ours have left their garden as it is while the other side have heavily terraced theirs.

It's not the smallest garden so there's room for some fun with it!
Thankfully,the front garden isn't too bad and the strip of side garden is flat,so I don't need to compromise on plants!

So,I was thinking about possibly having it done it two levels,retaining wall built and having the upper level grasses and lower level paved? Or would it be possible to do some form of raised deck on stilts lol for the top?

Need to have it done as cheap as possible really and would like it done as quick as possible.

Oh,if it makes any difference the garden is already raised with a wall toward the house.The garden itself is kinda flat to start with,then has quite a slope upwards before flattening out again!

Any ideas or experience on the best way to do this for our needs?
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  • rum1rum1 Forumite
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    Google images might help you with some ideas. Just a warning they are not cheap in North London where i am they start at about £20 each
  • shegirlshegirl Forumite
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    Thankfully,the garden is nowhere near as bad as it originally seemed :) Now the overgrown grass has been cut it's much easier to see it lol and think I must have distorted the image in my head after initiL viewings!It's a weight off my mind now and saves increasing bank loan!!!!!!
    If women are birds and freedom is flight are trapped women Dodos?
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