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Would you press the ‘cancel the Olympics’ button?

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Would you press the ‘cancel the Olympics’ button?

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edited 24 July 2012 at 11:28AM in Money Saving Polls
Poll started 24 July 2012

If you had a magic button that could cancel the Olympics from happening in the UK, as if we’d never got it in the first place – would you press it?

Did you vote? Why did you pick that option? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.


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    kennyjosiahkennyjosiah Forumite
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    heres my poll :) if moaning was an olympic sport would we be

    a. gold winners
    b. silver winners
    c. bronze

    im looking forward to the olympics :j
  • It's interesting to see that it's only the people who live within spitting distance of the Olympics who, in the majority, are in favour of holding the Olympics in England! Those of us who live in Scotland (N Ireland and Wales) don't feel personally involved in the Games.
  • Me too KennyJ.

    Can't wait. Going to the cross country at Greenwich Park on monday with my daughter and can't wait. We will have to catch a train at 5.30 am and won't be back until gone midnight but well worth it.

    It's going to be the highlight of our year:j:j
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    I've been a life long track and field fan. So am always excited about the Olympics, but getting to go is a dream. So I'm a true C in the poll.

    We're planning to run this again in the week after the Olympics, to see if the result changes
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  • TigsmomTigsmom Forumite
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    Not against the Olympics in general but maybe spending an obscene amount of money on sport when there is poverty in the country due to the recession isn't such a good idea right now. It will mainly cause security issues and resentment. As far as boosting the UK's economy goes it's only boosting Londons economy.
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  • I'm getting bored of being told I should be interested in the Olympics. Having endured being considered unpatriotic for not celebrating the Jubilee, it's happening all over again now.

    I think Britain is the best place in the world, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I have no problem with the Olympics being held here and I don't doubt I will watch some of the events. I'm not relishing the blanket coverage but otherwise, well, meh. I would probably be more interested if it were less overtly commercial - the irony of the main sponsors being a company whose products encourage obesity and another whose drink is a sugar laden diabetes inducer will not, I think, be lost on future generations ;-)

    To those who wish to get heavily involved, good on you - I hope you enjoy it. Just leave me alone to get on with earning a living, paying the taxes that will support this event and doing the things I enjoy - including soaking up the sun.
  • This was an obscene amount for Britain to spend, in the hope of, rebuilding a minor part of one city. This amount of money could have rebuilt the economy or even given the MP's a well deserved pay rise after the cuts they've taken in the past few years due to the expenses cutbacks.
  • Having been involved in the Commonwealth Games ten years ago and having lived with it's positive legacy I was very supportive of the Olympic Games, but the continuing fiasco with G4S - & it's knock on impact on emergency services (1 in 10 officers from GMP are now on Olympic duties) and the complete insult to our armed forces - the ridiculously draconian measures in place to 'protect' the sponsors interests, the shortsighted, ill conceived and elitist transport solutions put in place by TfL, the fact that volunteer performers in the opening ceremony traveling from outside London weren't even offered expenses whereas their London counterparts are actually being PAID, and the musicians performing have also been refused payment have taken the GOLDen shine off for me. That said I wish Team GB the best of luck and will absolutely be cheering them on.
  • soolinsoolin Forumite, Board Guide
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    I wish we had never won the right to host them. I work freelance and all my consultancies come from Government bodies and most places I work need me to commute via Stratford. As a result all work , essential or not has been scrapped for around a 4 week period so that the trains are not over crowded- so no work = no income.

    I also have a SE business and am close enough to the Olympic park to be affected by some of the expected RM delays- - so again, this means i have had to be selective what I sell and where to.

    Several other dealers I know have laid off staff as they live within a resticted postal area and the delivery and collection vans can't get in during the day- so they may well face losses enough to make them lose staff overall.

    So no, take it away, never ever do anything like this again. We dont need it in Britain, I have no tickets anyway so will be watching the bits I want to watch on the TV, so frankly I don't care where they are hosted as long as it stops me losing money as I am now.
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  • I'd put a rock on that sucker and come back in half an hour.
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