Enduring Power of Atorney

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Currently registering a Enduring Power of Atorney for MIL.

Can MIL still sign cheques and Docs., after EPA is registered?


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    The MoJ site is a bit uspecific about this:

    http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/forms/opg/epa101.pdf - page 18

    Normally an EPA is registered when the donor loses capacity and therefore cannot run their own affairs. If they haven't lost capacity you shouldn't be registering it but use it unregistered

    But the Mental Health Act makes the presumption that anyone capable of doing so has the right to manage their own affairs - therefore if they can make a decision/sign they may do so. I would think it is the overriding thing

    You may find that banks, etc, disagree.
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    Confiscate the cheque book, that is what I had to do after a nasty experience with a door to door scumbag.

    I can see a certain family dynamic problem if trying to do this with a mother in law.
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