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Employment & Jobseeking USEFUL LINKS

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  • sarleasarlea Forumite
    14 posts
    I'm surprised the Careers Advice Service isn't included in the list
    (I can't post a link)
  • techmax76techmax76 Forumite
    120 posts
    The links seem very useful. I have read from one of the messages in this thread about a homebased job. I have just found one website with a good compensation package you can check their website at I hope this help, all of you who are searching for a homebase job. Thanks.
  • Worth mentioning about alpineaccess that you need be a U.S. citizen to apply for a job there.
    Life's what you make it....

    "I've got one, two, three, [STRIKE]four[/STRIKE], [STRIKE]five[/STRIKE]... senses working overtime..", XTC. :sad:

    Life beyond voluntary work scares me, but what else is there? :cry:
  • I can't see link for advice and I can't see anything about ReAct for people living in Wales that have been made redundant. They you can get up to £2500 funding from the Welsh Assembley to be retrained and employers can be paid £2080 to take on an employee plus a further £1000 training fund for the employee. Also Skill Build programs in Wales where unemployed under 18 year old can be earn £50 a week and achieve NVQ's level 1.
  • Great links, thanks everyvody!
  • Value wrote: »

    I am wondering whether any of you can provide a website which contains executive CV templates or cover letters or if anyone would be kind enough to share their own one in this thread?

    Many thanks

    When I do a covering letter I generally put something like, name and my address, date of letter.

    Then something like this maybe.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I wish to apply for bla bla as seen in the so and so paper or online.

    My previous experience of performing this type of role is within bla bla and so many years.

    If you have just left school or college put that you have just finished your course in and your knowledge of this subject etc.

    Yours faithfully if its a Dear Sir/Madam
    Sincerely if its a name of a person, eg Dear Mr Smith

    Your signature here.

    Enc. CV
    Your name

    For your CV an agency advised me to set it out with pointers.
    Your name and address first centered and phone number, email etc.

    A brief history of your skills.


    I have previous experience within this and my skills are as follows: Just a few lines, about 3 or 4.

    You can lay it out like this but others on here may have better methods even so.

    Certificates: O Level English - O Level Maths

    Skills: Typing and word processing.

    Education: Schools: 1979-1984
    Goresbrook Smith

    College: 1984-1986
    Brushfield Strokes

    Employment: Barts and Gates 1987-2000
    Processing Unit - Processor

    My duties included processing large parcels for this unit and I
    gained such and such knowledge and worked my way up to
    a supervisory role.

    Barts and Simpson Outlets 2001 - 2005
    Bla Bla Felds - Driver

    My duties included driving and deliveries for this company

    Well you get the gist of this, a CV should be no more then 2 pages long.

    Hope this helps.
  • I just applied for part-time work with the 2011 Census. They have lots of full and part time temp jobs on their website. I cant post a link but if you google 'Census Jobs' you'll find their website.
  • Thanks a bunch fellas for all these links. Although i would like to get a bit more help for some home based jobs.

    Thanks in advance!
  • sammie1884sammie1884 Forumite
    656 posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    I am really struggling to find any internet home based jobs I have searched and searched on google, does anyone have any links?
    Thank you

    Good luck everyone and Thank you to all posters xx
  • KromlovKromlov Forumite
    9 posts
    Hey there, I worked in Edinburgh for 3-4months last year, and I know I am entitled to get tax back. Does anyone know how I go about doing this??
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