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Employment & Jobseeking USEFUL LINKS

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The following links may prove useful in looking for information about Employment and Jobseeking.

MSE Fully Researched Guides

Low Income Grant Grabbing

House and Energy Grant Grabbing

Great Grants Hunt


................Shelter...................... Cruse - bereavement support

Women's Aid............... National Debtline ..........Mind - Mental Health

Hideout For children & young people experiencing domestic violence

MensAdviceLine For support for male victims of domestic violence contact M.A.L.E. (Men's Advice Line and Enquiries), P.O. Box 402, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 3TG (0208 644 9914).

BBC website re domestic violence

Homeless UK Lots of useful links too

Parentline Scotland

Refuge - Domestic Violence Helpine

Refugee-action Help for Refugees and Assylum Seekers

Refugee Council

Safe Harbor - Compulsive Gamblers Hub

UK Parliament - email your MP

Government Heating Grants


Working Families

Department of Trade & Industry (dti) - For Employees

acas - Employment info

Tiger acas - Employment Rights

TUC Employment rights

Work Directions Looking for work Starting a business

Redundancy -

Derbyshire Law Centre Useful employment information

Citizens Advice Websites

Citizens Advice - (Adviceguide - benefits etc. info)

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS)

Citizens Advice N. Ireland - Includes email advice

Citizens Advice - Citizens Advice - (volunteering, jobs, Social Policy info, what's new etc.)

Benefits & Jobseeking

Jobcentre Plus

Advice on consent to personal information being used

DWP Guide to Income Support


Benefits & Work - Google group

GL24 - Appeal form if you think our decision is wrong PDF

Benefit Rates - DWP (PDF)



Welfare Rights on the Net

Community Legal Service Direct

Rights of Women. Info re women's legal rights


Online Benefit Calculators

Entitled To

Housing Benefit - Rooms calculator

Tax Credits / Pension Credit

Tax Credits Online Check entitlement online

Tax Credits IR leaflet pdf file

Tax Credits info - Tax Credits discussion - Independent Advice Network

Pension Credit

Housing & Council Tax

Exchange UK Council house exchange and mutual exchange - free limited service/premium (pay) service

Housing Benefit Info

Non dependant deductions - website

Council Tax Valuation list - government site

Housing Options Help for people with learning difficulties, their families & supporters

Disability & Sickness

Benefits Enquiry Line - 0800 882200 (0800 220674 in Northern Ireland) or Minicom 0800 243355.

Disability Alliance

BHAS - DLA Guide to sickness & disability benefits

YourAble - Info for disabled people

DIAL - Disability information; advice network

RNIB Blind and sight loss help

RNID Deaf & hard of hearing help

National Phobics Society

The Disability Handbook

IB1 - Guide to Incapacity Benefit- Oct 2004

IB214 - Personal Capability Assessment - April 2002

IB204 - A guide for Medical Practitioners (DWP site)

Advice about Benefits for families of Disabled Children Thanks Ted.

Specialkidsintheuk Useful site for parents and carers of kids with any kind of special needs. Thanks Mrs B

(PDF file) Guide to Claiming DLA for children under 16 with brain related conditions Thanks to Ted and cher31e.

National Deaf Children's Society

Providing medical advice to the Decision Maker in DLA/AA: A Guide ...
(Thanks to Ted for providing yet another useful link)

The Decision Makers Guide


Mental Health


Psychnet UK - Mental Health

Depression Alliance

Help with Health Costs

Health Costs - Disability Alliance Website

Prescription Pricing Authority

NHS site - Help with health costs entitlement

PatientUK - prescriptions and other health info


Child Benefit (Inland Revenue)

Child Poverty Action Group

Child Support Action - Help with CSA - £25 year subscription

Child Support Agency (CSA)

Child Support Analysis

National Association for Child Support Action

Families Need Fathers

Healthy Start Fruit, vegetable, milk vouchers worth £2.80/week if pregnant/children up to four.


Citizens Advice - Adviceguide

CCCS - (debt)

Bailiffs (Insolvency helpline)

Families, Relationships, Separation

National Family Mediation

Advicehq Divorce

Al-anon Support for family & friends of alcoholics

Bullying (young people) and Bullying (parents & families) Scottish Executive info


One Parent Families Scotland Includes info on Mainentance, Gays & Lesbians & Bullying

Maternity Alliance

Torgwen.......... :) ...........


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