Is this a scam? Laureate Online Education & University of Liverpool MSc programmes

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    MSE_Andrea wrote: »
    We take the concerns and experiences of our online students very seriously, and we are committed to working with our students to address any issues. We are also happy to discuss any questions from professionals who are interested in enrolling on our online programmes. To speak with a representative, please contact us at [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]. Thank you.
    If The University of Liverpool really took the concerns of their online students seriously, they would ask them to contact them. Instead, as if to reinforce the fact that they have virtually nothing to do with this (apart from rake in the commission), people are asked to contact [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL], which I would guess goes nowhere near Merseyside, but instead does a trans-atlantic re-direct to the heart of Texas (or wherever Laureate are based).

    Here is a question for you.......what provision is being made for students interested in these courses on your open day in Liverpool on 11th October? Or do you suggest they attend an open day at one of
    • Mississauga
    • Port Harcourt
    • Doha
    • London
    • Geneva
    • Nairobi
    Another gem......
    Experience your University
    For many of our online students, attending the graduation ceremony is the crowning highlight of their student journey, allowing them to meet peers, faculty and to experience first-hand what it’s like to be part of the University of Liverpool.
    i.e. you only get to "experience first-hand" the UoL for your graduation ceremony.

    Here's another question......which UoL faculty members are part of the teaching of these degrees, and what is the extent of their teaching/assignment/marking/tutorial involvement, and what percentage of the teaching etc do they do? e.g. does the UoL Law professor/faculty teach the online law degree, does the UoL IT professor/faculty teach the online IT degree?

    To be clear, I'm not questioning the fact that UoL "certify" and "grant" these degrees......its the "boilerplate" and lack of any real connection with the University of Liverpool (other than using their good name) nature of them.
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    Froggitt, as you suspected is registered to Laureate Education Inc, based in Los Angeles.

    Any supposed UK academic body not using address would automatically be suspect to me.
  • I choose an online degree because I can get to spend all the hours am sitting at my desk giggling with my mates, constructively. For that reason I dont expect to take flights to go sit in the library at Liverpool, afterall I have one online. Am worried about paying the money to scams, but to cool my nerves I made a call to liverpool and spoke to someone whose dialect was so severe(ly) english, called again and spoke to another person who allayed my fears, in this regard i feel its safe to pay the amounts. Lastly I could not get university/diploma mill teaching exactly the courses as they are laid out in my msc software engineering, I dont then believe it even matters who is teaching them, I think what matters is that am able to get what I am paying for, in this regard i feel this entire arrangement is just perfect, I think online education and traditional teacher to student class arrangements are so different, and should never be compared
  • It’s worth asking 2 questions: QUESTION 1: Is the course useful? Short answer: It can be! It depends on you. How much you benefit depends on your own effort and written inputs. The virtual form of delivery is a great facilitator for learning. You can compare your inputs with the other participants after each assignment. Not many degree courses do that. QUESTION 2: Is the degree recognized? After completing the degree with very good grades I applied for a doctoral seat at three universities, each university consistently ranked in the top ten in the UK. All three applications were successful. So, if you perform well on this course, it is recognized.
  • To Trs: Hi, I am planning to subscribe for an online postgraduate certificate and I would like to know if you have had an answer of your paper.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  • Hello,

    Seriously considering signing up to one of these UoL online MSc, as the course content looks good and this is the only way I can work on a masters with work and family commitments.

    Read all the issues and complaints and am also sceptical.

    My main question is: What are graduates experiences like with regards to how these MSc qualifications are viewed by employers? Has anyone had any negative reaction to the degree being from an online university; is there a stigma attached to courses like this, and specifically to University of Liverpool Online?

    Eager to hear from any UoL Online graduates.

    Many Thanks!
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    Im sure all UoLO grads put MSc in Blah Blah from University of employer will know its not.
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    Just a remark. You criticised people who defended UOL as past students. But you crticise it without having experience with UOL. Interesting. Do you really thing that somebody who didn't attend to this university knows it better than somebody who has experience with it?

    I also have an Msc from UOL. It required constant work and research. Some subject were easy and some were demanding as it is on other universities. My Thesis was a really hard work. But the course itself was really flexible, I was able to decide when to work on the assignments and when not. The grading is fair and very well defined.

    I participated in BSC and Msc courses in Europe before and I'm currently a Masters student in Belgium. I also was successful in a small course on Stanford. I think, I'm able to compere Liverpool with other courses.
    It's quite expensive (in Europe). It's flexible. If you work hard and want to achieve your goal, you'll surely finish the course - even if you're not a genius. You'll receive the help needed. They key here I think is the hard work. UOL taught me to work metodologically, to take care about the small details (in the wekly assignments). Also the teachers were really fair and respectful, but some of them were really demanding. But you always knew what the teacher expected.

    Of course, I don't know their other courses, I participated in a Software Engineering course, I can write about that one only. Actually I'm thinking about leaving my Msc course in Belgium (although it costs less than 600 Eur!) in order to switch to UOL's Msc in Management or DBA, which are way more expensive.
    So I really like UOL.
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    vargalas wrote: »
    So I really like UOL.

    Well that's nice for you, although it's a pity they didn't teach you to spell or proof read. Those of us who are able to view the content of this thread critically will no doubt continue to regard the behaviour of liverpool-online and by association the University of Liverpool with some distaste.
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    vargalas wrote: »
    I also have an Msc from UOL..........I participated in BSC and Msc courses in Europe before and I'm currently a Masters student in Belgium. I also was successful in a small course on Stanford........I'm thinking about leaving my Msc course in Belgium (although it costs less than 600 Eur!) in order to switch to UOL's Msc in Management or DBA

    I guess one day you will get a job and stop sponging off whoever is funding your wide and varied education.
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