Telephone Engineer in Cardiff?

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Is there a nice friendly telephone or ex telephone engineer out there who could help me. I recently had my BT line switched to Virgin and whilst my main phone and one extension work ok, I have a problem with my third extension. While connected to the BT socket it worked ok but it won't work in the Virgin (ntl) socket. I think it's just a case of switching wires in the socket but I don't want to mess around with myself and Virgin want £25 for an engineer to come out. I don't mind paying a bit but £25 is a bit OTT!


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    ;) Just asked my hubby who is an engineer for bt in cardiff says u need to get wires sorted.........Bt charge about £140 !!! Virgin may charge £25 to come out then more to fix if u see what I mean..............u may find a nice bt engineer who will do a fiddle for u but obviously they need to be careful who they are doing the fiddle for as they can loose their job!;) ;)
  • Ive just recently used a young lad called Dickon who's left BT setup on his own. He is very reasonable and a nice chap. Try googling welsh telecom.
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