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Top five regrets

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    You never regret the things you have done,
    Only the things that you didn't do.
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    Sorry, just had to.

    'Regrets, I have a few, but then again too (many) few to mention' :o

    Totally agree with s1lv3rdal5's old saying.
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  • jezsezjezsez Forumite
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    I regret working too hard. I wouldn't mind if it ever got me anywhere!
  • ash28ash28 Forumite
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    Saving things for best.....

    Yes, I do that too and I save because I am terrified of being without enough to live on when I should be now spending....cannot take it with you.................

    I used to do that - crockery, glasses, cutlery etc.

    We moved last year and when we left our old house I gave away all of the every day stuff we had and in our new house all of the "best stuff" went into the kitchen drawers and cupboards. We use them every day now.

    OH was pretty horrified - he's another one that likes to keep stuff "for best".
  • Newly_retiredNewly_retired Forumite
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    I like that idea. Only problem is most of my best stuff won't go in the dishwasher safely so I'd have to do more washing up by hand.
    Same with best clothes - need to take more care with washing and ironing or dry cleaning.
    But I think I will get rid of more things rather than keeping them for best now.
    Regrets? I am sure I will regret not having done certain things if/when my health fails, but at the moment they are still on my wish list. I just need to make more effort to make them happen.
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