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Does anyone grow these? Info wanted please.


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    Yes, I've got honeyberry. It's flowered, but I have cropped nothing from it yet. I have two different bushes (I think different varieties), one only 2 foot high, the other maybe five foot. They both flowered in April(ish) but no sign of anything more yet, so probably nothing this year. They were planted last (larger) and this (smaller) year. They are against a south-facing wall on clay soil, enriched with peat.

    I think you need two different bushes for cross-pollination, but I'm no expert!

    What did you want to know, in particular?
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    i had one for my birthday last year it flowered in april also and i have 3 berries on mine they look ripe now grown in a tub with normal compost mixed with soil in a sheltered spot of the garden not sure what variety it is but it is nearly 3ft high
    i only have one so you dont need 2
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