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The Equiniti Scam

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  • oneye14oneye14 Forumite
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    With respect to an offensive letter received:
    - The suggestion or allegation of sending 'a string of threats' is denied and the CEO is asked for supporting evidence.
    - The suggestion that Trinity Mirror PLC is acting in the best interests of the Shareholder is repudiated, and the board is asked to reply to previous correspondence on this

    Criminal investigations are continuing
  • oneye14oneye14 Forumite
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    I have it on good authority that, if the company Registrar does not provide evidence of postage then they cannot use the argument of being lost in the post. Equiniti have confirmed this. Furthermore, the Company Secretary has a fiduciary duty towards Shareholders to prevent possible fraudulent activity by the Registrar - the loss being intentional for financial gain.
  • ReaperReaper Forumite
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    Now you've gone and made me break my statement that I wouldn't post here any more.

    Much of what you say is, I'm afraid, nonsense. You seem to think they are deliberately not sending out certificates so they can make money collecting fees sending out new ones. Sounds unlikely to me to say the least.

    However on the subject of failing to get proof of postage I think you make a fair point. Having failed to prove it left their building why should you be the one to pay the costs involve in sending out a replacement rather than them?

    Unfortunately the law and common sense do not often go hand in hand. I would be interested to hear what your "good authority" is for this. The only example I have come across contradicts you. It was an article on the Register web site I saw a while back. In this case it was a customer sending documents to the DVLA who never received it and, as the customer had not got proof of postage, demanded payment. Here is an extract:
    Mr Collins told the court that he had notified them – and it was not his fault if the DVLA had lost his details. To the surprise of several people present – not least the DVLA – the judge accepted this argument and, according to Mr Collins, agreed that he only had to send details back to the DVLA.

    He did not have to send his documents by recorded delivery: he did not even have to obtain proof of posting.

    This is less surprising than it first seems: if members of the public were legally required to send documents by secure means every time they communicated with an organisation, then the same requirement would almost certainly apply to those organisations, adding immensely to their postage bills and making simple debt collection infinitely more costly.

    So it sounds to me like neither side is required to obtain proof of postage. If that is the case and you do not manage to prove the cost of the replacements is excessive then I don't think you will have a case.

    However I'm no lawyer and would be interested to know what this "good authority" of yours is and what they say.
  • oneye14oneye14 Forumite
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    Now you've gone and made me break my statement that I wouldn't post here any more.
    I'm glad you did since I'd like to research the case histories - assuming the facts and cases are real. Dealing with the Registrar of Companies is exactly the opposite as lawful delivery of documents is required by the sender.
    You seem to think they are deliberately not sending out certificates so they can make money collecting fees sending out new ones. Sounds unlikely to me to say the least.
    The onus is on them to demonstrate that this is NOT the case. The fact they have not and do not intend to means the argument can be taken further. Exactly what we are doing.

    My "good authority" are individuals in the background who take on VIP's like Cabinet Ministers and Cameron. I'm sure you understand I can't name drop.
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    So debt collectors then... Equiniti have won contracts to collect information for the Government and Police Complaints investigations.
  • oneye14oneye14 Forumite
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    It appears Equiniti ICS are part of the so called Equiniti Group ....
    Noted they have 'Complaint Management Software' - shame their Complaint Resolution Department don't know how to use it !
  • oneye14oneye14 Forumite
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    We have now evidence of a letter sent to the Financial Services Ombudsman outlining why Equiniti Ltd should not be investigated; written by an employee of Equiniti Financial Services !
    They might well regret doing that .....
  • oneye14oneye14 Forumite
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    It has been declared that The Equiniti Group is Negligent in dealing with Shareholders, particularly their financial interests. Comment has yet to be obtained from Equiniti Ltd which is NOT regulated or Equiniti Financial Services Limited which is regulated.

    The declaration also includes for other Registrars at the same postal address - Barclays and Lloyds amongst others.
  • oneye14oneye14 Forumite
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    After the above declaration, and no response apart from acknowledgment of receipt, the matter has been refered back to the Financial Services Ombudsman
  • PennyPurplePennyPurple Forumite
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    I have recently fought the same battle with Equitini on behalf of my friend's Mum (elderly) who was asked to pay around £75 for a replacement certificate as described in this thread, even though Equiniti could provide no proof of postage of the original.

    After four letters/e-mails from me their complaints department finally agreed to waive both costs (Admin fee & indemnity thing) and to send a replacement certificate via a tracked delivery method.

    I doubt most people would stick to their guns for this long, but just to know it can be done. Happy to share copies of my correspondence if anyone would find it useful, which case please PM me as I don't check the boards very often.

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