Naval Service Redundancy Programme – Tranche 2 Notification

As the changes announced in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) are implemented, the Naval Service is reducing in size by approximately 5,000 people in order to reach a figure of around 30,000 regular Service personnel by April 2015. The first tranche of redundancy completes in September this year and the Naval Service announced the second tranche of its contribution to the Armed Forces’ Redundancy Programme on 17 January 2012, inviting eligible personnel to apply to be considered for compulsory redundancy. You will note that this round of redundancy calls for significantly lower numbers than anticipated. The reason for this is simply that the Service’s normal manning levers have been successful in reducing the population of the Naval Service sufficiently. This is a good news story for Defence in reducing the cost of the Redundancy Programme, but most importantly in limiting its effect on Naval Service personnel. Nevertheless, some redundancy is still necessary in order to meet the manpower ceiling set during SDSR.

Individuals were selected following a rigorous Boarding and Selection process using published criteria including performance, potential, professional competencies and whether or not an individual was an applicant. Today, the Naval Service will notify those of our people who have been selected for redundancy in Tranche 2 of the Armed Forces’ Redundancy Programme. Notifications will be made by Commanding Officers or a delegated Notifying Officer, either face-to-face in their Ship or establishment or, where this is not possible, by telephone.Approximately 170 people will be notified that they are to be made redundant of who around 120 are Applicants and 50 Non-applicants.

As is the case throughout the year, a large number of Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel are today engaged in operations across the globe, at sea, on land and in the air. Detailed arrangements have been made to notify those selected for redundancy as swiftly as possible, wherever they are serving. Those engaged in certain operations, in Afghanistan for example, within a specified timeframe, qualify for exemption from selection for redundancy unless they are Applicants. However, with so many people routinely deploying overseas, it is not possible for the Navy to reduce in size without including many individuals who have regularly contributed to operations throughout their careers.

Of those selected for redundancy, Applicants will leave the Service by 11 December 2012, unless they are preparing for, deployed on or recovering from land based operations that qualify for Operational Allowance, in which case they will commence 6 months notice on completion of Post Operational Leave. Non-applicants selected for redundancy will leave by 11 June 2013.

Applicants who are selected for redundancy will normally remain deployed for the majority of their notice period but will, wherever the interests of the Service allow, return to the UK to allow them to undertake resettlement training and Terminal Leave. Non-applicants who are selected for redundancy will be returned to the UK, wherever the interests of the Service allow, in sufficient time for them to serve at least their last 6 months service in the UK. Precise dates will be discussed between the parent Unit and the relevant Career Manager however, it is the Service’s aim to relocate applicants to the UK by 12 September 2012 and non-applicants by 12 March 2013. All those selected for redundancy will be supported through the Divisional and Regimental System and will be provided with a comprehensive resettlement package to assist with their preparations for civilian life.

Tranche 2 is the last full round of redundancy for the Naval Service. A very small number of further redundancies may be required but will be limited to senior officers (Captains/Colonels and Commodores/Brigadiers) and senior medical officers as Defence Transformation (the higher level reorganisation of the MOD and HQs) is implemented. Other than these, all other personnel will not be involved in the remainder of this redundancy programme which will end for the Naval Service in April 2015.

The Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral Charles Montgomery, has this morning issued a statement to everyone serving in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines regarding the Armed Forces Redundancy Programme second tranche notifications, in which he expresses his appreciation and thanks to those who have been selected for redundancy. In this statement he said:

‘To those of you who have been selected for redundancy, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have contributed to the Service and to the nation’s security. Do not underestimate what you have achieved while in the Naval Service or the value that others will place on your experience gained in the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. However long you have served, I am indebted to you for the commitment, professionalism and dedication to duty you have shown.’

Visit the redundancy section of our website for information and sources of support.

Redundancy queries should be directed to the Fleet Redundancy Cell: Tel: +44 (0) 2392 628987/Mil: 93832 8987. If families have any queries or questions that they are not getting answers to please get in touch with us. We will do our best to help.
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