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I have received a letter from HSBC regulated sales complaints department which I want to speak to them about. There are 2 direct line telephone numbers on the letter 02380723004 and 02380723828, both have a recorded message saying call 02380723004 ( the number that you're actually calling) Does anyone know the correct number:- HSBC customer service were no help at all!


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    Hi, i too recieved that letter, i called the telephone banking number as i had no joy with either of the two numbers, the guy i spoke to said the direct line no. given was not actually a number, if you want to ask anyquestions you have to write to the regulated sales complaints team! Why give you the number if it does't work??!! GRRRR!!!!
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    Hello, was given this no.0800-881-155. by moneyineptitude. Told to say you can,t get through to the regulated complaints team on the numbers provided,
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    I had the same problem and got through on the number shared by moneyineptitude as in roksans post.
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    evadiva wrote: »
    Why give you the number if it does't work??!! GRRRR!!!!
    Apparently it does work, but it's deliberately allowed to become "busy" for anyone other than the most persistant caller.
    I'm guessing they don't want to encourage people calling up up just to check on the status of their claim and thereby tying up operators who can be better employed elsewhere.
    On the 17th May an HSBC Regulated Sales Complaints senior manager had this to say about the situation in response to a complaint I made;
    "Regulated Sales Complaints have recently been experiencing technical difficulties with our telephones, in particular problems with the recorded message which is played while customers are placed on hold. Our customers deserve a high standard of service and, though we strive to deliver this, it is clear from your experience that we have failed to do so on this occasion. This matter has been escalated and we aim to rectify the issue as soon as possible"
    Of course, most complainants won't worry about this once their redress has been paid. I therefore imagine nothing will ever be done to rectify the issue!
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    Thanks guy's i'll try the 0800 number :)
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