First time refusal of credit card application

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Hi, hope someone can enlighten me.

We are old-hand credit card tarts and have recently branched out into stoozing. Did our first stooze with Capital One cc and paid off balance in full when promotional rate ended.

Applied for second cc to use for stoozing (Halifax mastercard) but the credit limit given is quite low (around 4k) so we are close to the credit limit in quite a short time. We decided to apply for a new 0% cc to continue stoozing. However, we have just been refused the new 18 month 0% interest Natwest cc and are seriously puzzled as to why.

We have never been refused any sort of credit application before, we have only 2 current cc's with zero balance on plus the cc mentioned above which is close to credit limit of around £4k, (which seems relatively small amount of debt). We own our own house, no mortgage and have savings. We also met all known required criteria to apply for Natwest cc, eg. meeting minimum income.

We have had the Halifax cc for about 3 months and have paid a chunk off the balance (around £500) as well as making minimum monthly payments.

Any thoughts on the decline of our application?
Has anyone else been surprisingly refused the Natwest cc?

Thanks in anticipation.


  • Over extended on credit, too much available credit elsewhere.

    The banks probably have no clue you're stoozing the cash and may think your just taking more credit. They probably don't like stoozers either. If you're just paying back the minimum this will also show on your file this may also indicate to the bank potentially you are not managing what you have already.

    Just a hunch.
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