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    I really dont understand you guys at all. I mean if you reach this scamers page definetly you need a loan. So why in the hell you will pay money to find a loan? i mean evry11 will take a loan when he need how the hell you go and pay a fee. where is the logic thinking in this?

    I didnt log on/sign up/authorise any money out of my account for a loan broker. previous info i had entered on other sites was misused by companies looking to feed off the desperate. With the stress it caused i wish my interent subscrition had been cancelled due to late payment so i couldnt have tried for a payday loan in the 1st place! still you live and learn eh :)
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    Hi, I too was hoodwinked into a charge of £59.75 for a so called membership. Called them straight away and was told it wasn't a problem just write explaining that I haven't and will not use their services and will get a full refund. Which turned out to be a complete load of rubbish as I just got a reply acknowledging my letter and offering more loans!
    So called again, I was offered around £21 as a refund and was not allowed to speak to a manager. Also given a hilarious analogy as to why I wasn't entitled to a full refund - "if you went to a restaurant and ordered a meal and then decided not to eat it you'd still have to pay or it!"
    At that point I knew I was getting nowhere and called the Financial Ombudsman helpline and loansdirectuk are not registered as a company. Therefore I did a bit of digging on the company by calling one of the companies that offered me a loan through them and asked who gave them my details and turns out they are actually a company called Veritable Finance from Southend on Sea.
    Financial ombudsman advised that a credit broker is not allowed to charge you more than £5 if you do not use there services and they complained to Veritable Finance on my behalf which they have 8 weeks to reply to.
    However yesterday I received an email from loansdirectuk to say a refund of the full £59.75 is being processed! Fingers crossed I actually get it!
    the financial ombudsman can be contacted on 0300 123 9123 or 0800 023 4567

    Hope this helps :)

    Phoneyour bank and launch a visa debit investigation, i got two full refunds within 2 days from this and another scam broker. good luck!
  • I had some money taken from by this lot and they told me I had to email in for a refund, so I did to [email protected] and I did end up getting my money back but it did take a week to show in my account, if you have had the money taken from you just email they and say you are going to the FSA and they will give you a refund, they did ask me to fill in a form but hay I got my money back in the end. If they hadn't I wouldn't of given up on it.
  • had 67.76 pounds taken out of my account also,signed nothing with them at all.i've emailed them asking for money back awaiting a reply
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    This thread is years old, so, you may have been better starting a new thread.

    However, from all I have read on here, phoning or emailing them for refunds is not the way to get a refund.

    You need to go to the Terms and conditions, of the broker, get their proper address, and WRITE to them (old fashioned letter and post it) to get your money back, less about five pounds (I think).

    Lin :)
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    had 67.76 pounds taken out of my account also,signed nothing with them at all.i've emailed them asking for money back awaiting a reply

    Agree with what has been written above, but as an aside, has this company just guessed all your debit card and bank account details? If so, it must have been a very good guess.
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  • Write them a letter requesting a refund as you weren't aware the service was charged for. They didn't just guess them though, you were probably tricked by a broker form somewhere along the way. Browser beware!!
  • well done I am hoping for the same outcome
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