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Donating mobility scooter

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SurferSurfer Forumite
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I have tried a few places, but most of the charities are out of our geographical area as we are in the south Midlands. Shopmobility cannot take the scooter either.
If no charity can take it, we may have to put it onto Freecycle. It does need a repair, but otherwise is okay.
Any suggestions where to donate please?


  • ljonskiljonski Forumite
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    Have you not tried ringing Age Concern ? or advertise in local rag ?
    "if the state cannot find within itself a place for those who peacefully refuse to worship at its temples, then it’s the state that’s become extreme".Revd Dr Giles Fraser on Radio 4 2017
  • SurferSurfer Forumite
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    Put it on Freecycle and first person to respond took it. Seems charities around here not really interested.
  • passatriderpassatrider Forumite
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    I work in a large charity shop and we've had two mobility scooters donated in the last month - both in excellent order each costing £3500 new. You would think that they would sell easily priced up at £550 each? Not so, not even a whisper of interest.

    I asked someone yesterday who owns one why people seem so reluctant to take them second hand. I'm led to believe that many are leased from new nowadays what with the running costs involved should they go wrong.
    I may be wrong but just a thought.
  • Caroline_aCaroline_a Forumite
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    I sold my dad's mobility scooter 2 years ago after he died, didn't get much for it really, a couple of hundred I think. One warning is, keep it charged up as otherwise the batteries will fail. This happened to me and when I sold it I had to discount as the battery wouldn't charge.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Ask Age Concern about local organisations/groups for people. The local Lions Club, if you have one, often works almost silently behind the scenes and know people who could use one of those; they're like a secret society of local business people who do good deeds, so they know what's going on and who might be able to use something.
  • michelle67michelle67 Forumite
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    ebay it as spares or repaire
  • oldtoolieoldtoolie Forumite
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    What would it cost for you to have it repaired and safety tested? Maybe that's why no charity wants it.
  • bluebirdbluebird Forumite
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    As a mobility scooter user mine is 10 years old i would jump at a newer model,but you said it needed repair this can be very costly,one reason no one wanted it.
    scooters need a service history too if its being sold on,i do think the charity shop selling for over £500 after the scooter was Donated is a high price,scooters will sell if they sell cheap enough.
  • SurferSurfer Forumite
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    Now gone to a good home so I have ordered a Traveller Elite for myself as it comes apart and can be transported easily. As we were never able to go window shopping it saved me a fortune but now I am worried. LOL!
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