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MSE TicketySplit app discussion

edited 8 May 2012 at 8:59PM in Public Transport & Cycling
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MSE_JennyMSE_Jenny MSE Staff
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edited 8 May 2012 at 8:59PM in Public Transport & Cycling

Hi all, we've built a new TicketySplit app and mobile site. These free tools quickly find which station to split tickets at to save for UK train journeys.

It would be fantastic if you could ...

a) let us know what you think and
b) report any bugs

If you have any problems, letting us know what mobile phone you are using would be a huge help.

TicketySplit iPhone app[FONT=&quot]
TicketySplit mobile site [FONT=&quot]
(Please bookmark on your phone - this is not an app)

Thanks guys



  • helplessTDhelplessTD Forumite
    29 posts
    I tried the moblie site. Didnt split from Bristol to London but I am sure it works. Handy if you have an iphone. Hope to have similar for android users.
  • JoeMoominJoeMoomin Forumite
    47 posts
    Fantastic! Really glad to see this come to fruition.

    I had a couple of tries for different time trains today and managed to save 60p on a walk-on. The return is the same price as a walk on too, but the app obviously doesn't search for this yet.

    Great start, really keen to see more functionality.

    EDIT: Used the iPhone app
  • BriBriBriBri Forumite
    8 posts
    Tried it on iphone worked seamlessly no problems at all split the ticket & made a decent saving.
    Hope you can soon get a version up & running for return and advanced fares.:beer:
  • WillowpopWillowpop Forumite
    856 posts
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    tried the mobile site as have an android phone (android app please!) and it split the tickets friends and family railcard option though, and would like to be able to buy one adult and one child ticket as well...but I'm sure this will come as it progresses. Fine otherwise.
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  • MSE_Jenny wrote: »
    Hi folks,

    We've spent built a new free train split ticket iPhone app and, for other phone users, mobile website to find hidden tickets that slash the cost of walk-on train fares.

    I wish that you would stop writing this. The fares are not hidden and to say they are is false. They are all available in all booking engines.
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  • bill_the_busbill_the_bus Forumite
    486 posts
    cannot find the app on android market. will have a go again over weekend
  • gavrcgavrc Forumite
    8.1K posts
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    cannot find the app on android market. will have a go again over weekend
    There is only an App for iPhone, there is a mobile website for other phone users.

  • gavrcgavrc Forumite
    8.1K posts
    Tenth Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    Looks good to me. Any idea how much you would need to charge for it?

  • ehloehlo Forumite
    395 posts
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    If you type too fast the station dropdown doesn't appear and then it ignores what was typed and just does London > Manchester anyway.
    This might not be as much of an issue when actually used on a phone but it might be an idea to add better validation in any case :)
  • J20BABYJ20BABY Forumite
    2K posts
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    Works for me, Bristol to Hull. will be good when up and working properly and yoi can do advanced with family railcard.
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