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Which companies ignore 'no cold caller' signs?

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  • glock339glock339 Forumite
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    Hi there I'm a Firefighter & part of my duties sometimes include going around streets, knocking on peoples doors to offer them free smoke alarm fitted & also an informal fire safety chat only if they want it as well.

    I have seen these signs a few times while out & about & have wondered whether I should be knocking on their door or not? I think most people do not mind but I do wonder if I should be?
  • ismevalismeval Forumite
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    Well people with my beliefs most definately were burnt at the stake and some religious fanatics would still like to do so .. I do not want religious folks knocking on my door - if I wanted to believe what they do then I would find a church or something ... I do not go round asking people to believe in my faiths nor do I expect them to and since putting up a notice I have not been bothered .. if folks want to put up notices then it is their choice, same as getting yourself registered with the Telephone Preferencing Service
  • ismevalismeval Forumite
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    Isn't the above message getting rather repetative now !
  • ZebeZebe Forumite
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    On average we get one or two charity bags through the door each week and a host of takeaway, workman offers, house sale offers etc etc etc. Although not cold calling, it drives me nuts as it has to be dealt with and fills up my black box for recycling:mad:
  • ismevalismeval Forumite
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    I meant the reply by you which is appearing between every message posted in good faith to this group - that is what is getting repetative and annoying ... and don't be rude and call people pathetic - they are thinking for themselves by putting notices on their doors or not - their choice ...
  • ismevalismeval Forumite
    16 posts
    The original heading for this forum was :

    Which companies ignore 'no cold caller' signs?

    Why are you multi-posting the same message? 'cold callers' seems to suit most of us here who have commented on it
  • Whilst this is phone not at the door, Anglian are quite honestly a nightmare. They appear to hound us. We have now done the TPS, but Anglian drove us to distraction. When we told them repeatedly that we'd asked to be removed from their telephone list they would argue with us, they've been known to phone back and be abusive when we've put the phone down, having explained that we have told you more times than we can remember not to keep phoning.
    Can't begin to say how despicable I find this company!
  • Hollyst1Hollyst1 Forumite
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    Lots of charities target the village we live in and call upon what are quite blatantly family homes after 7pm which is bedtime for the majority of children but can also be up until 9pm.

    We have a no cold calling sticker but it tends to get ignored.

    Cancer Research

    Are three charities who think they are not classed as cold callers and all hide behind their 'policy' that as they are not selling they are not cold calling.

    I do have to applaud the Samaritans do respect people with no cold calling stickers and they have this written into their policies. Just wish all charities and other organisations would follow suit.

    I strongly believe that upsetting people and ignoring their wishes is not a good way to gain their trust or get a donation. It's about time that charities stepped up and changed their thinking. Especially as they are collecting for good causes and this kind of behaviour only creates a bad impression and mistrust.

    This is a recent response I have had from Oxfam. All the people Ii know who display no cold calling stickers actually want no cold callers full stop! The law may be a bit grey but a sign that says "NO COLD CALLERS" certainly isn't!

    ---- No Cold Calling signs are so varied and many people do not like salespeople knocking but welcome charities. !For this reason, legislation around No Cold Calling signs is still a grey area. !Oxfam`s Home fundraising policy on Calling in Control Zones (CCCZ’s) is that areas that are clearly designated as Cold Calling Control Zones and are set up according to Trading Standards Institute guidelines that should be observed by fund-raisers. ! ----!
  • g4kvig4kvi Forumite
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    Then leave the catalogue out then Einstein.

    If I have ever forgotten to leave it out and they have knocked, I have just given it back and they havn't tried to sell me anything. I hardly think that's cold selling and if you are peturbed about it, you really need to get over it.

    Someone is trying to make a living in what is quite a passive way and there is no wasted junk mail if you give it back. If you really don't want to get the catalogue again, just tell them or add a sign saying no catalogues/unaddressed mail. if they ignore that, you have a right to tell them off, but remember the person collecting may not be the same delivering, so be polite!

    We deliver Better ware catalogues we put the book through a door and come back to pick it up on the day quoted. If it is not out we put a note to ask if it could be left the next day. 90% come back. Some wish we would not leave a book and put a note saying 'please do not leave again' and we don't. It is VERY simple and it means that we can give the book to someone who does wish to see one. All so very simple but many people just like to stress them selves out.
  • I feel sorry for anyone employed to go door to door. It's a rotten job, so I would never get angry with them. People who do it voluntarily to promote their own agendas, religious, political, or whatever, I have less sympathy for.

    I have a home made "No Cold Callers" sign. It goes on to say "If you still knock and try to talk to me, you are agreeing to pay me five pounds for every minute of my time". They are entering into a contract. Sadly many do not trouble to read it before they knock, but they usually read it while they're waiting. The response varies from running away (partial result), to telling me they now apologise for knocking (even better), to telling me they really like my sign and it made them laugh (takes all sorts!).
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